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Welcome to AcuMedic - the oldest and largest Chinese Medical Centre outside Asia. We are world-renowned and have treated over 50,000 patients since opening in 1972. We are the specialists in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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MEI LEAF was set up in 2007 by AcuMedic to provide you with innovative lifestyle solutions for your health and beauty needs through a wide range of finest loose leaf teas and herbs.

We have the complete solution to your healthcare, from prevention to cure.

Address101-105 Camden High Street
North West London NW1 7JN
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The Best of Chinese and Western Medicine - Combined For You

Our Doctors are fully qualified, covered, experts in both Chinese and Western medicines, hand-picked from the top institutions in China.

100% Safe, Fully Integrative Medicine Clinic

We have a GMC licensed Western medical doctor available to supervise your treatment, answer any questions you might have and advise you on things that you might wish to discuss with your GP.

As an AcuMedic patient you are entitled to have a consultation with our GP for FREE. Just ask at the reception.

No other Chinese medicine clinic can offer you this.

Unrivalled Expertise - Brought To You By Professionals

The best of 3,000 years of medical wisdom and progress distilled into safe solutions tailored to your needs. We provide expert services in:


  • Let it relax and stimulate your body into healing, whatever your condition


  • De-stress and revitalise your injured or tired body


  • Feeling physical or emotional pain? Get the herbal combination that will naturally heal your mind and body from the inside out


  • Want to look younger? Our anti-ageing solutions will rejuvenate your skin from within

You Can Talk To Us About Anything

We treat ALL common conditions, from Acne to Motion Sickness, from Depression to Diarrhoea.

We have specialist clinics in:


  • On IVF? Or it didn't work? Our world-famous doctors have natural solutions for you


  • Discreet, effective and natural solutions to common male sexual health conditions

  • PAIN

  • Injured? Suffer from chronic or acute pain? Our specialists in acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help you


  • If you want to quit smoking, alcohol, drugs or excessive over-eating, we can greatly enhance your strength to achieve this and to fight the withdrawal symptoms


  • Frustrated by diets that don't really work? We will tailor our program to your individual needs and will make weight loss work in harmony with your body rather than against it

    Benefit From The Leaders in Complementary Healthcare

    Our level of experience and expertise is so advanced that we teach Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to Western doctors and healthcare professionals through our AcuMedic Courses and Workshops.


    Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us


    from just some of our patients

    Mr John Durham – Prostate Cancer

    I am convinced that the regular sessions I have had with Dr Lily over the past 6 years have been of inestimable value to me and my general well being. Thank you Acumedic and Dr Lily for all your continuing help.

    Mr G. Gunnarsson

    After five treatment sessions at the world renowned Acumedic clinic in London, the centre for Chinese medicine in the UK, my life has been transformed. I recommend Acumedic clinic now to everyone and I would say even if you don't believe in it, give it a try because it could change your life. It has definitely changed mine.

    Ms. Gallo

    I first attended AcuMedic a few years ago by referral from Dr. Clare Winstanley in Wimbledon who suggested my case was too severe for her to handle personally. She advised I visit her teacher, Dr. Lily. I can confidently say that Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Dr. Lily have prevented me from suffering the most traumatic depression and have enabled me to sing. It seems to me a most logical approach that Chinese medicine follows…treat the cause, and the inner root cause at that. Not the superficial symptoms. The superficial symptoms disappear if the body is helped to heal itself. I can testify to that.

    I would recommend Chinese medicine to most people, but only if it is practiced in a safe and reliable way in an environment that at least appears bona fide. I would recommend AcuMedic as it is professional, pleasant to visit and above all, it works! Thank you all for making my life a pleasure to live, rather than a trial as it was fast appearing before I met Dr. Lily.

    Ms. Sibylla Wood

    Dr. Lily’s holistic approach was extremely beneficial in that it enabled me to gain a sense of power and a determination to improve my reproductive health. I cannot overstate the support and encouragement I have experienced in her care at a time of great stress. I also can’t emphasise enough the therapeutic benefit of being allowed to feel more relaxed and at ease about the issues of infertility and ageing: encouragement and hope rather than a counsel of despair.

    Ms. G Pangidzwa

    Dr. Lily’s confidence, her knowledge and understanding of the female body, her holistic approach and her willingness to help and listen to the needs of her patients has helped me to take control of my female being to a level so powerful it’s hard to believe and I’m living proof of what these Chinese medicines (herbs) under the right care are capable of.

    I can’t say enough how impressed I am by the professionalism of the staff at AcuMedic and especially the support and care I received from Dr. Lily. I will recommend her and the medicines used highly to any woman with these sorts of female problems. Dr. Lily has a gift to make any one feel safe and supported and cared for, hence my quick recovery.

    Ms. P Boag

    If there is one single thing that I think was instrumental in our success it was the acupuncture and care and attention, and laughs even, we had with Dr. Lily at AcuMedic during this period. I would recommend her to anyone in this situation. For us personally we still needed that extra intervention of western medicine for which we are very grateful but I don’t think we would have had such complete and timely success without rebalancing our lifestyle and embracing the benefits of Chinese complimentary medicine. I mentioned my belief to the hospital where we had our IVF treatment and they reinforced the fact that recent statistics show there to be a direct correlation between pregnancy success rates and patients having acupuncture around egg removal and embryo implantation so finally we are getting the evidence to back up the fact that it’s not only working but is being recognised by a wider audience.

    Thank you for visiting, and see you soon

    CMIR registered

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    Acupuncture, Chinese Massage, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Nutrition, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Weight Loss, Womens Health

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