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Caring for YOU

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Are you interested in Eliminating your allergies?

Detoxing your body?

Exercising without the sweat?

Read on to find out more then book your appointment.

Contact NameCaring for YOU
Address17 Avebury Court
Mark Road
Hemel Hempstead HP2 7TA
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Welcome to Caring for YOU

A new you, free from allergy.

Come to We Cure You for non-invasive holistic treatments the energy way!

Do I Have An Allergy?

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?
  1. Do you have an unexplained medical condition?
  2. Do you have a rash that comes and goes?
  3. Do you have asthma ?
  4. Do you suffer from bloating?
  5. Do you have excessive flatulence?
  6. Do you have eczema? Psoriasis?
  7. Have you been diagnosed Coeliac? IBS? Crohns?
  8. Have you been told to avoid certain foods?
  9. Are you diabetic?
  10. Do you have unexplained aches and pains?
  11. Do you have excessive tiredness?
  12. Do you have attention deficit disorders such as hyperactivity? Learning difficulties?
  13. Do you have to have a certain food every day? A craving?
  14. Do you stay clear of a food or food-group?
  15. Do you have mood-swings after eating certain foods? Or in certain weather?
  16. Do you suffer from arthritis or rheumatism?
  17. Do you just feel unwell most of the time?

If SO then you are likely to have an allergy to SOMETHING

Is my emotional problem treatable?

NAET can treat all emotion blockages through the energy meridians

Examples of these are:
  • Phobias
  • Physical symptoms that were triggered by traumas
  • Beliefs of un-worth
  • Under- achievement
  • Adverse reactions to family members
  • Your therapist does not have to know what the issue is but will help you to identify it and will then treat it with your help
Please be assured that your NAET therapist can FIND and ELIMINATE your Allergies

NAET is for ALL -
ALL allergies, ALL symptoms, ALL ages
NAET is for YOU

NAET Emotions

NAET can treat emotions once the body has cleared the first 5 basic allergen groups (or if it has no allergy to these groups)

The item to be cleared is identified using advanced muscle testing questioning techniques in association with the client.

The items are cleared by manipulation of the pressure points on the back to clear energy blockages associated with the emotion.

Negative energy is dispersed and positive energy is attracted.

NEED A Detox Treat ? -

Relax with Aqua Detox at We Cure You !

Exercise Your Bod with Body Action !

The No strain exercise for the core muscles - 10 minute sessions at We Cure You

A Smoking Free YOU?


STOP the Smoking urge completely

Bio-Resonance is the ANSWER.

We use bio-energy techniques to tell your body that is does not enjoy the smoking activity any longer. Your body 're-tunes' itself using the energy waves transmitted from the Meritreat resonance machine.

This works because it is PERSONALLY tuned to YOU

We simply feed your reversed 'craving' to your body through hand-held brass rods, you will not feel a thing!

Only £195 for the course of THREE treatments (includes support homeopathic drops prepared just for you)


"This is amazing. I don't even want a cigarette. I have been smoking since my early teens and never thought that giving up could be this easy"

"I re-couped the cost of the treatment within 2 months"


NAET Advanced Practitioner British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapies John Logue School of Kinesiology Aqua Detox Therapy Nuitrition Diploma Energy Meridian Therapies diploma

Service Categories
Allergy Testing / Treatments, Children’s Health, Mens Health, Womens Health

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