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Brendan Nolan

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Spring Special Offer £12 for 30 minutes, £18 for 45 minutes Please Quote Natural Therapy Page.. I can help you get de-stressed and improve your well being with a wonderfull Indian head massage

Contact NameBrendan Nolan
Lincoln LN6 8RT
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Indian Head Massage for you
  • Indian head massage is a traditional massage treatment originating in India. It involves the application of massage technique to your upper back and shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. The treatment is applied through the clothes, with the you remaining seated in a chair.
  • Indian head massage has many benefits for you, including helping you to relieve muscular tension, relieving headaches, and reducing stress levels. In today's stressful life this massage is a wonderfully relaxing way to ease away the stresses that lead to tension, stiffness and anxiety.

Benefit for you with Indian Head Massage
  • Relief from your pain and stiffness in the upper back, neck, shoulders and head.
  • Increased mobility in your neck and shoulders.
  • Relief from your tension headaches, eye strain, nasal congestion, jaw ache.
  • Increased your energy levels and feel very relaxed in your mind and body
  • Strengthened your immune system.
  • Improved your skin condition and colour.
  • Helps you to develope deeper calmer breathing.
  • Helps you to grow strong, healthy, shiny hair.
  • Helps you to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Helps you to stay calm and centred
  • Gives you more restful sleep.
  • A feeling of balance in your body.

Indian Head Massage Techniques
They consist of traditional Indian techniques and Westernised techniques more suited to today's stressful lives, they include smoothing, squeezing and releasing, frictions, vibrations and tapping all done to suit you and what you like, also targeted at what your needs and aims are .

When and Where
Because only a treatment chair is needed, which is easily transportable, it can be practised at your place of business, home, etc. or come to me for the treatment, to book introductory treatment call Brendan or Patsy at 07817607190 or 01522 531374 or email [email protected]

PRICES.. £12 for 30 minutes, £18 for 45 minutes.

Click here to visit Lincoln Indian Head Massage on facebook.

This treatment can help you. Book a Indian head massage today, print this page off and bring it with you, for your discount on first treatment.

* VTCT diploma in Indian head massage and related health, safety, security and employment standards.

Service Categories
Corporate Massage, Indian Head Massage, Mobile Service Massage, Tai Chi

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