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We offer a FREE ASSESSMENT CONSULTATION for all new enquirers. Dos Adele has been practicing Alternative Medicine since 1984. As a science graduate of London University he subsequently trained extensively in a wide variety of natural therapies and modalities which he now uses in conjuction with biochemistry and physiology to provide differential diagnosis and individually designed treatments programs without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

Address775 Whalley New Road Road
Blackburn BB1 9BE
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Welcome to Bios NatureCure Clinic

Are you suffering distressing symptoms and tired of not getting the answers you need from your current health professional?

Are you suffering side-effects from prescribed medication which is not improving your condition or in some ways making matters worse?

Do you just wish you could get to the bottom of things and find someone who will listen to you with genuine interest and the expertise to sort your health problem out once and for all?

In todays modern medicine, doctors are under pressure to see patients, make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment all in less than ten minutes. No wonder then that in many, many cases drugs are prescribed on a basis of 'let's see if this will work' in a hit and miss scenario of constant disappointment and escalating symptoms and distress. Due to pressures on time and costs, and because the emphasis of modern treatments is the use of prescribed drugs, often there is little or no attempt made to get to the root cause of the problem and little or no attention paid to nutrition and lifestyle when prescribing treatment.

Because of the lack of choice when it comes to how your condition is treated by conventional medicine, in 1984 Dos Adele, Biochemist and Holistic Medical Practitioner, founded the Bios NatureCure Clinic. The overriding aim of the Bios NatureCure Clinic (BNC) is to analyse, diganose and treat the root cause of any illness or condition and to do so without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. This is achieved by differential diagnosis and has successfully treated patients with conditions ranging from asthma, arthritis, chronic heart conditions to cancer - in many cases avoiding the need for major surgery.

The approach employed at the BNC is different in that as a qualified herbalist, homeopath, naturopath and bio-feedback therapist, Dos Adele takes elements of all of these disciplines and measures them against a scientific background of biochemistry and physiology. No symptom or condition is looked at in isolation and the whole being is treated. This is explained fully in the BNC concept.

Distance or mobility should not be an obstacle when treating most conditions as many of our services can be provided on a mail order basis whereby consultation is carried out via telephone and medications are sent by post. Our dedicated staff will be happy to discuss your own particular needs and how we can best be of service to you.

The BiosNature Cure Clinic offers a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION FOR ASSESSMENT. This gives you the opportunity to speak confidentially with Dos Adele so that you can have peace of mind that he can help you. This opportunity is free and without obligation.

You will find his depth of knowledge and his insight in to all aspects of health a revelation.

If you are serious about your health and you wish to avoid drugs and have a real chance of attaining and sustaining all apsects of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health then contact Bios NatureCure Clinic on 08456 44 77 67 low rate or 01254 676071 national rate. Your enquiry will be dealt with sympathetically and in strict confidence and your free appointment can be arranged.

Dear Dos Adele

We brought our 5-year-old daughter to see you in April to see if you could help with her constant sneezing and coughing which had started 48 hours before our visit to you.

Our GP had advised that Alice (our daughter) was probably asthmatic and that our cat or dog was probably the cause of this recent illness. We were told to give her an inhaler which we very reluctantly did but to no effect. Our next step was to give up the pets, which would have been heartbreaking for all of us.

After seeing you and being told Alice was allergic to yeast we were delighted that we had found a concrete answer to our question about why Alice could live in the same house as the dog and cats but not sneeze and cough for the majority of the time.

By keeping yeast out of Alice’s diet she has shown an instant and remarkable recovery and obviously we are extremely grateful to you, and our pets are happily still with us.

It is obvious that your research into the understanding and treatment of allergies is so vital because of the apparent lack of knowledge that conventional medical practitioners have.

Thank you so much from all of us.

Yours sincerely

F. Bohannon

Having received holistic treatment in your clinic for the following health problems: apoplexia (blackouts), headaches, obesity and a jaundice – like liver problem, I would like to say I am more than happy with the results of your clinical practice.

A friend recommended me to the clinic after years of bad headaches and blackouts. It was diagnosed as Apoplexia, but I was also overweight and I had a jaundice – like liver problem. Within a few months of herbal treatment and eating the right foods, I felt fine again and my weight dropped.

It was not always easy to keep to the diet but the end results were well worth it, giving me lots more confidence, mostly because of the weight loss. It was worth every penny spent on the treatment.

N Sayers

I came to the Bios NatureCure Clinic in July 2000 after my niece recommended it to me. She had been suffering from a serious medical condition and had gained a complete recovery after treatment from Mr Adele.

For myself, I had suffered back problems for over 20 years and more recently had started to suffer with arthritis in my hands and feet. The pain was keeping me awake at night and I was also overweight. Mr Adele was very thorough in his diagnosis and in the details he took from me about my medical history and lifestyle.

After undergoing the detoxification and starting on the treatment program that was designed specifically for me, I noticed an immediate improvement. I have now lost about two stones in weight; my arthritis is better and I feel ten years younger. My treatment program is now complete and I have learnt so much from it that I shall now be able to maintain this level of well being by sticking to the principles of good diet and exercise.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Mr Adele. I have recommended his treatment to many friends and family.

Mr G. Shaw


B.Sc., Ph.D., N.D., D.Hm., M.B.H.A

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