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Providing Allergy and Intolerance testing by post Worldwide, Bowen Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Angelic Reiki training and treatments, Hopi ear candles with Bowen drainage.

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Berwick-Upon-Tweed TD15 2NN
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Allergy and Intolerance Testing
Allergies and/or Intolerances affect most of us at some point in our lives, this easy and simple test provides a comprehensive explanation on what is happening in the digestive system, thus effecting the body. A sample of hair is provided for testing and the results with a full detox plan are returned within 7-10 working days. The test covers vitamin and mineral deficiency, imbalances within the system, fruits, vegetables, wheat based products, dairy produce, meat, fish, sugar, spice, alcohol, household products, additives, preservatives, artificial sweetners and flavour enhancers these are to name but a few. It is a 6 page print out of results with a covering letter detailing any areas within the system that have shown an imbalance and recommendations for redressing the balance. Anyone can benefit from this whether human or animal. I now recieve hair samples from around the world and have been featured in the Natural Health magazine as 'Therapy of the Month'.
Quote: Mrs L. Sanderson, Sussex "I cannot believe my results, they were so easy to understand. I am 2 weeks into my detox and the results are amazing! I'm no longer bloated and my sleep pattern is much improved. I also find when I return from work I still have energy to carry on with my day rather than collapsing in the chair. It was difficult to start with but once I got out of some habits it became more managable. It is good to know Sarah is on the end of the telephone or an email to answer any questions.

Bach Flower Remedies
Consultations for the Bach Flower Remedies can be carried out by telephone and remedies posted out. These are very effective on the emotions bring them back into a positive balance. They are very subtle and can be given to anyone of any age. I have had great success with reducing clients stress levels, treating depression and the SAD syndrome. They are also fantastic in helping to potty train children and those first days at school! They are great for helping to build confidence and to dispel fears and negative patterns of emotion.

The Bowen Technique and Hopi Ear Candles
The Bowen Technique and Hopi Ear candles are both hands on treatments, and are available in the Northumberland area and the Scottish borders. The Bowen Technique has been very successful in treating many complaints from back, neck, knee, shoulder, ankle problems, migraines, anxiety attacks, fatigue, pain management, sciatic, RSI, IBS, and colic, the list goes on. The Hopi ear candles are great for any sinus and ear problems and these are followed up with Bowen treatments to make sure all drainage channels are clear and the body can naturally drain itself, therefore having a quicker response and healing time.

Sarah would be happy to discuss any queries you may have and assess your requirements so you benefit from the best therapy available whether that is with her or referred on to another pratitioner so you have the best possible outcome

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Allergy Testing / Treatments, Bowen Therapy, Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Reiki, Theta Healing, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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