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A NEW U - Colonic Hydrotherapy - Erica Sanderson

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Advanced Colonic Hydrotherapy, Herbal/Coffee enemas, Detox packages, HD Brows, LVL Lashes

Contact NameErica Sanderson
Address Bowland Drive
Sheffield S35 2QN
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My name is Erica Sanderson, my clinic is based in Chapeltown, Sheffield, I am a health professional specialising in the colon area.

I've worked in the health industry for the past few years and have been interested all my life.

I liaise with GP's to provide colon treatments to improve digestion.
I perform colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation) registered with RICTAT and am fully insured with Holistic insurance.
I regularly attend courses to keep upto date with current findings in the health industry.

Is your Colon Healthy?

A strong, cleansed and well functioning colon is essential to maintain good health.
A poorly functioning, unclean colon can be a breeding ground for disease and sickness. Serious health problems can arise if the colon is not properly cared for and based on statistics colon health care in the UK has be vastly neglected,
In the UK millions of pounds are spent yearly on laxatives. This year an estimated 20,000 new cases of colon and rectal cancer will be diagnosed.
Colon health is directly related to the quality of food/drink we eat/drink. The typical British diet comprised of refined, processed foods high in saturated fats, sugar, preservatives and low in fibre, inevitably causing problems for the colon. Over time, the colon will lose the ability to process vital nutrients, absorb water and eliminate faecal matter from the body.

Colonics can also help you to lose weight, looking after the body from within will show on the outside.
I am a qualified Advanced Colonic Hydrotherapist and am fully insured with Holistic Insurance and am fully registered with RICTAT.
I have also completed a herbs and enemas course, herbal/coffee enemas can really encourage great bowel tone and are a fantastic way to detoxify the body.

Please do not be shy, I am really friendly and absolutely love my job, I help clients to feel amazing and live a healthy life.

Visit my website for more information on detox packages and for information on the beauty treatments I carry out also.

Coffee or Herbal Enemas:-
These are a great addition to regular Colonic clients in between treatments, especially IBS sufferers or those who are wanting inner help, coffee and herbal enemas can help with toxic build up, boosting energy levels, some have calming effects etc
Price: £20
Coffee or Herbal Detox Colonic:-
You will receive a regular Colonic treatment and then in addition you receive a coffee or herbal enema treatment
Colonic Hydrotherapy
£50 per treatment

or to ensure your colon is fully cleansed, why not purchase a block booking, also great for our regular clients to save by purchasing a block booking:
x 3 Colonics = £130
x5 Colonics = £200
*must be used within 6 months of purchase*

Thank you for taking time to view my details and I hope to see you soon. Erica x

Advanced Colonic Hydrotherapy Herbs and Enemas qualification Colonic Hydrotherapy Anatomy and Physiology

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