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Alison Strandberg

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Based in St Andrews, Scotland, Alison offers a varied range of therapies to help us all back to being 'whole'.

Contact NameAlison Strandberg Therapies
Newport-On-Tay DD6 9HS
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Whether you are looking for pain relief or help in dealing with emotional problems, Alison can advise on what therapies would be most suitable to you.

Training in Reiki is also available at all levels of the Usui Tibetan System of Reiki, as taught by William Lee Rand.
  • Reiki
  • Reiki with Horses
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Hopi Ear Candling
  • E. F. T.
  • Soul Plan Readings
For more information about workshops & events, please click here.


Reiki is a healing technique that is used to enhance wellbeing and to reduce stress and tension. Reiki also relieves pain and discomfort in the body. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words "rei" meaning universal and "ki" meaning life force.

The aim of the Reiki practitioner is to draw on this source of energy and allow it to flow through their hands to the person who is in need of the healing. The client is fully clothed throughout the healing session.

Reiki is also a powerful tool for personal growth and for improving quality of life. The techniques for using Reiki are easily learned, but first Reiki must be passed on through an attunement , or initiation, by a Reiki Master. Once you have the attunement you have Reiki for life. At its initial stage Reiki is for self-healing and for helping friends and family.

Alison is also a practitioner in Karuna Reiki, which is the next level after Master level.

Learning Reiki can also be an opportunity to be able to treat your horse or pet, in order to bring balance and harmony and to relieve pain. Reiki is, however, not a replacement for conventional treatment from a vet.

For more information about Reiki training, please click here.

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candles are made from natural ingredients i.e cotton, beeswax, honey extract, sage, St. John’s wort and chamomile. During a treatment a chimney effect is created and the ear drum is massaged. The warmth of the candle helps to stimulate the body’s immune system.

The client lies in a comfortable position and a lit beeswax candle is inserted in the outer ear. The candle is then allowed to burn down to a safe distance. The client will be aware of a crackling or hissing sound and will feel relaxed.

The treatment has been known to help deafness caused by excessive ear wax, congested sinuses, tinnitus and ringing in the ears.

A gentle head massage is included in the treatment.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be described as a meridian energy therapy, and was developed by Gary Craig.

It involves stimulating certain meridian points on the body by lightly tapping on them, at the same time concentrating on an issue or problem that you wish to let go of.

It is extremely helpful in treating phobias, allergies, and mental blocks and has been used successfully in treating depression and giving up smoking. It can also be used to increase confidence levels and is helpful in enhancing sports performance.

Gamma Healing

Would you like to eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear and doubt?

Using this amazing method of energy psychology you can do just this, while achieving your goals and rebalancing your life by way of a simple, but profound technique.

Most of us live our lives with limiting beliefs, which stop us from reaching our full potential. Often we are not even aware of the old programmes running in our heads, which can be beliefs we took on as children and throughout our lives and which are long out of date. These beliefs can be self-sabotaging and may contain negative messages, which hinder us from experiencing joy and fulfilment in our lives.

By first using muscle testing to highlight negative beliefs, a simple belief change process is undertaken. During this process a limiting belief is changed to a positive on. The procedure works quickly and as simply as you would delete an old computer programme and add a new one. The technique can be used for negative beliefs in any area of life i.e health, relationships, self-esteem and prosperity. As the root cause is changed, the changes are lasting and life is perceived from a new and positive perspective.

Flower Essences

Alison often uses flower essences as part of a treatment. Flower essences contain the energy of the plant and each essence responds to a different negative state of mind. They work as catalysts, helping to release outworn emotional states of mind, bringing back balance and harmony. The process is a subtle one, but has a very deep, transformational effect.

Meditation Groups

I run a monthly meditation group in Tayport along with my colleague, Shona Rae. By way of meditation, visualisation and group exercises, we have explored various different areas of spirituality, such as angels, colour, totem animals and the chakras.

I also run a monthly group concentrating on intuition, using techniques and communication in the group to help each other to understand the signs and messages we are receiving about our lives.

New members are very welcome.

Soul Plan Readings

Are you looking for direction in your life? Do you have a sense that there is a specific purpose in your life, but can’t quite grasp what it is? Would you like to understand why your life has worked out the way it has and where it might be going?

These and many other deep spiritual understandings can come to light during a Soul Plan reading. A reading will bring clarity and structure to your life, enabling you to enhance your talents and to provide ways of dealing with challenges, both in a worldly and spiritual way.

A Soul Plan reading is based on the sound vibration of your birth name. The method is derived from ancient texts, such as the Sefer Yetzirah and the Zohar, which describe creation as originating from letters of light, each of which has a corresponding sound.

Soul Plan originated in the teachings of Dr. Frank Alper (1930-2007), who introduced the “Numerology of Moses”, a method of gematria, using channelled symbols and interpretations. Blue Marsden has now modernised this system and added additional channelled material to what is now the Soul Plan system.

Soul Coaching

Working with Colour

Everyone reacts to colour in a different way. We may love one specific colour, but be repelled by another. When we learn to understand the language of colour, we can use it to heal areas of pain and bring colour back into our lives.

Tie Cutting

This is a method used to release ties to people and situations that keep us bound. When we let go, we create a new space for the positive to enter into our lives. Profound changes have come about after such tie cuttings.

Past Lives

Sometimes the source of a problem may lie further back in a previous life, causing us to re-frame an issue from the past into this life. This may cause unnecessary suffering, until we recognise that the issue that is causing the problem is no longer relevant in the life we are now living. We can then let go and start to heal.Chapel at Scone Palace

Family Constellation Work

What is Family Constellation?

Every family has its own secrets, which are not spoken of. Every family has events, which have happened in the past, which are hidden away, seemingly forgotten, never to be spoken of. As these secrets remain hidden within the family field, the memories of what has happened and what has not been fully acknowledged, wind themselves down through the generations. Patterns, events or the exclusion of a family member can have a huge effect on your own life and can explain behavioural patterns and blockages in your life .

By using constellation work, patterns can be changed, secrets can be revealed and acknowledged and a sense of calm and acceptance can be reached. This method of family constellation work was established by Bert Hellinger and is based on the inter-connectedness of all things. It relates to going back through the generations in order to find the origin of the distress and by acknowledging “the unseen” areas within the family, allowing each person to have an equal place of belonging in the family.

I am at present training with Nikki MacKay,( gradually using this amazing work more and more in my own practice, with great effect.

Speaking the Language of the Soul

I have recently been guided to use this method, which I have called “Speaking the Language of the Soul”. Over the last few years I have been working closely, as well as training with, Nikki MacKay, (, in family and past life constellation work. As part of the follow-up to a session with Nikki, I was asked to stand on a piece of paper representing what had come up during a constellation, in this case anger. I then wrote what I felt while standing on the paper. As I wrote I was aware of a voice speaking through the words I was writing and the experience was very powerful and emotional. Once I had acknowledged the voice and allowed the healing to take place, things started to change in my life.

I used the method several times and found it very healing. I was then asked to use this with a friend, with very powerful and positive results. I am now using this method on a regular basis. Each time it is as if a voice from the past speaks and allows the person to see what is being mirrored in their life now.

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive guidance is a way of accessing spiritual knowledge, which can help you to gain insights into all areas of your life, including issues, which appear to be blocking your progress. This takes place with the help of oracle and angel cards. I also use inspirational writing to answer questions you may wish answers for.

Intuitive guidance is given as a means to aid the client in attaining clarity in their life, resolving problems and restoring balance. The sessions can be profound healing experiences with the normal associated cleansing period afterwards.


Numerology is the study of numbers and the impact they have on our lives. By studying the numbers in your birth date and the letters in your name, each letter corresponding to a specific number, it is possible to understand where your strengths and challenges may lie. Each number has a specific meaning, both on a positive and a negative level, and thus, this can help you to understand yourself and others better.

A numerology profile can be created for you by looking at your birth date and your birth name.

I also teach numerology through a series of workshops, which will give you the opportunity to learn about the magic of numbers and how they can be a great tool in enhancing your life.

For Animals

Alison has now paired her extensive experience in complementary therapies with her love of animals, bringing clarity to unresolved issues between the animal and its owner. This has been mainly while working with horses, but she is also able to work with other animals.

Using Reiki as a means of connecting to the animal’s energy field, Alison can then tune in and receive messages from the animal, overcoming ‘language’ barriers between them and the people who care for them, as well as giving the animal the benefits of a Reiki treatment.

Training in Reiki can be a way of helping your animal through difficult times, whether this is due to illness, injury or a behavioural problem. It is possible to treat the animal on a daily basis, which will prevent problems occurring and help to counteract behavioural problems. There is no limit to how often to treat with Reiki and the animal itself will soon let you know when it has had enough. As the animal’s carer you will also be able to use Reiki on yourself and to treat yourself daily in order to keep yourself healthy.

EFT can also be used with animals to help relieve emotional and physical problems. When working with an animal it is often beneficial to use EFT for both the animal and the person who cares for it, as issues can be intertwined. Subsequently both the animal and the person who cares for it can benefit and a mutually improved relationship can evolve.

“Alison has communicated with a number of horses on our yard over the years, transferring knowledge from horse to owner in a sensitive manner. At times, her insights have been funny, at times distressing and at times revelationary; in other words, they have reflected what the horse has experienced or is fixated on, and this can be incredibly useful in solving behavioural or training issues."

(Lorna Anderson, BHS Approved Livery Yard owner)


Alison's guidance over the years has alway been spot on in her accuracy and I am amazed at the ease with which she does it. Her intuitive work is second to none and I would highly recommend going to see her, whether for a card reading or receiving channeled guidance. Alison is really tuned into her guides and Angels so her information comes straight from the highest beings of love.
(Nicky Cartledge)


After having met Alison, I can safely say that my life was guided and transformed in the most positive of ways with her help. As a trained scientist, it was instilled in me to question everything and never accept matters without proof. All the techniques that Alison and I worked with over many years and the ensuing results all gave me absolute certainty and faith in all of Alison’s fantastic gifts: intuition, healing, teaching and counselling skills, mediumship, nurturance, and Reiki Mastery. I was directed to Alison in a time of fear, uncertainty and loss in my life following the sudden death of my father. She ushered me through very difficult times with wise counsel and intuitive guidance and helped me discover how to best help myself along the way, perhaps the best gift that anyone could receive. With a further desire to self heal I requested if Alison would train me in the first Level of the Usui Reiki system. Alison is a fantastic Reiki Master teacher, who provided me with comprehensive information and background and who led me through the necessary steps with dignity, serenity, and grace. Reiki now forms a vital part of my daily rituals and to which I turn to when the daily grinds and stress of life affect the harmony in my life. Thank you once again Alison for all your help.
(Dr M, Nottingham)


'Alison is a gifted healer. She helped me to address some challenging issues in my relationships and the changes which ensued after our sessions together were outstanding, bringing me closure and greater peace of mind.'


Alison has such a warm and friendly personality that going for a healing session with her is a joy and something I really look forward to. She has a great gift and real knack for getting to the heart of things in a gentle and light way so that traumas and problems are resolved without unnecessary pain and with great compassion.


Having known Alison for a number of years i have found her to be the most caring and giving person I know. She is a wonderful tutor in the many skills that she imparts, always patient,understanding and encouraging. As for any concerns that you may have, she will listen and help you as best she can, and is always most generous with her time and is totally trustworthy.
(Marilyn Wilson)


A fantastic woman, in every sense of the word. I met her three years ago in relation to an accident and she taught me about the power of energies in shaping our lives and the great positive effect they can have when channelled in the right way. I completed the Reiki 1 course
and can really feel changes in my life. Alison has also helped me develop my intuition and trust in the forces of the universe. She has a glowing presence and vast experience in the field of healing and alternative therapy.

(Caroline Hargreaves)


I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki I & II training with Alison; she has a rare ability to empathise with a roomful of people on their own, very different, levels and ensure that each person receives what they’re looking for from the training.
(Lorna Anderson)


I visited Alison to undergo an attunement and learning on Reiki 1. I consider Alison to be one of the most genuine, honest, compassionate and warm people I have ever met. I find the quality of teaching and support from Alison to be first class, and have always felt that she is very giving of her time, knowledge and wisdom to not only myself but to others that she takes under her wing. Alison balances the qualities of being enthusiastic and caring. It is so wonderful to find someone so nurturing and so supportive whilst you are being taught, undergoing a treatment or taking a workshop as Alison truly is. I recommend Alison wholeheartedly to anyone who is considering learning Reiki or considering visiting her for any holistic treatments and/or workshops.
(K. Murray)


People come in and out of our lives all the time. I will be eternally grateful to Alison for flowing into my life with such gentleness and changing my life forever. Alison would answer all my questions and still continues to answer my endless supply of questions with such patience and understanding. She knew what I was going through without me saying a word, as I questioned my whole life. At my first Reiki session I was unsure of what to expect, however, Alison put me at ease, allowing me to relax and enjoy my first Reiki experience. This led me to wanting to know more about Reiki. I am so pleased Alison guided me through my journey of Reiki 1, as this has equipped me with the ability to cope more with my emotional rollercoaster, which is a much gentler ride these days rather than the terror ride of the black hole. I know I will continue on to Reiki 2, however there is no pressure to do so and gives me something else to look forward to. A wonderful warm welcome awaits everyone who meets Alison, I know my life is so much richer from sharing my journey with Alison. Thank you Alison.
(Donna Clarke)

Alison Strandberg
Reiki Master and Complementary Therapist

My name is Alison Strandberg and I have been working as a holistic practitioner for eighteen years. Over the years I have trained in many different modalities and learned a great deal from wise teachers.

The underlying belief in my work is that we are all wounded in some way, but we all have the inner strength to heal and become whole again. In all areas I work in, whether body, mind or soul, I am guided by the intuitive voice within, which dwells in all of us and which will walk with us and show us the way forward whenever we listen.

These three words sum up how I would like you to experience the way I work with you.

Compassion: bringing a sense of holding a client in a compassionate and healing space.

Connection: being in tune with the voice within, which leads with grace and understanding.

Creativity: being open to new areas of healing work in whichever way it comes, be it by way of the hands, the voice or the pen.

As of January, 2016 I will be an article writer for “Sibyl”, an international, online, spiritual magazine for women, providing inspiration for the spirit and soul. You will find the article at You may also find inspiration and guidance in my blog.

I am at present publishing a book, a channelled remembrance of a previous life lived in the Middle Ages, which gives deep and spiritual insights, while telling the story of a nun.

I am able to connect with you, using Mind and Soul therapies, wherever you are in the world, using Skype. I am also fluent in Swedish, having studied Swedish at university and having lived in Sweden for many years.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Alison a call!

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Animal Therapy, Ear Candling, EFT, Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Kinesiology, Reiki

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