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Alison Melville MRSS

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Shiatsu is a holistic, hands on bodywork for mind, body and soul. Alison graduated from Shiatsu College Manchester in 2009 after completing a 3 year Shiatsu diploma and a 1 year post graduate programme. She continues her professional development in bodywork with regular courses in Shiatsu Shintai. She is fully insured and a registered member of the Shiatsu Society and follows their strict codes of professional conduct and ethics.

Congleton CW12 2EL
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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional non-invasive holistic therapy. Originating from Japan and based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Shiatsu uses the power of touch and gentle stretching techniques to contact acupressure points and energetic pathways (meridians). For many reasons the meridians can become blocked and imbalanced.
Shiatsu aims to bring energy to the areas most in need and disperse energy from where it has become blocked and as a result helping to restore harmony to the whole body.
Shiatsu can help ease tension and stiffness, help improve breathing, posture and circulation and enhance general well-being. There are many benefits of Shiatsu

What to expect ?

Each session lasts approximately an hour, with the first session lasting longer to help build up a picture of the clients past and present health / life style. Shiatsu aims to address underlying causes rather than merely treating the symptoms. The session takes place on a futon or if the client is unable to lie down, sitting on a chair. The client remains fully clothed throughout.

MRSS diploma

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Mens Health, Shiatsu, Womens Health

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