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A Holistic Solution

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Helping to resolve pain for people and horses throughout Hampshire and the South

Contact NameSuz Crichton-Stuart
Alresford SO24 0HD
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Welcome to A Holistic Solution

Gentle, effective pain relief for people and horses using VHT and the Equine Touch.


VHT is a profound, gentle system of body work. The work helps to allow your body to dissolve tension and unlock its own ability to heal. VHT is a gentle non-invasive non-diagnostic holistic discipline. VHT takes a holistic approach to health by gently addressing your whole body without focus on the symptoms. As a result of this many client find that problems they had not even told Suz about seem to resolve themselves too.
Suz is fully insured and provides a mobile service or you can visit her treatment room.

The Equine Touch

The Equine Touch is a form of bodywork consisting of a series of unique gentle moves performed in choreographed patterns over specific parts of the horse’s body.

It is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, hands on approach which works at a holistic level to address the horse as a whole. Recent research has led us to believe that the Equine Touch works through the intelligence network of the body, the fascia. However it also appears in places to work via the golgi receptors, the spindle cells, trigger point release mechanisms, acupuncture points, meridians, neuromuscular receptors and to directly address the lymphatic system. Suz is fully insured and will only work with your vet's permission.

As they are totally holistic, VHT and the Equine Touch address the body at all levels, physical, chemical, emotional and some would say, spiritual.

To find out more or book an appointment, call Suz on 07817 885489
Quote "Natural Therapy Pages to receive a £5 discount on your first session.

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Working with the body's own potency and innate ability to heal itself, to bring about deep relaxation and relief from pain. Suitable for everyone from colicky babies; stressed out workers; athletes looking for the peak of performance; to more mature bodies suffering with stiffness and joint problems.

Frozen shoulder, neck pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, low back pain, whiplash, knee problems, digestive disorders, insomnia.

Cranio-Sacral therapy can help to address the tissue memory of accidents and traumas stored in the body enabling this therapy to address chronic and acute pain.

Lying on a massage couch, fully clothed, the therapist uses a light touch on the head, body, legs and feet to tune into the body. The gentle engagement with your system reveals subtle tensions and torsions, following their release clients often feel recharged and rebalanced at the end of the treatment. Gentle, effective soft tissue work for people and horses. Available for individual sessions, talks and demonstrations. Phone: 07817 885 489

Suz Crichton-Stuart BSc-
BSc Biology
Practitioner Diploma Equine Touch
Practitioner Diploma Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT)
Equine Touch and VHT Practitioner
Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Service Categories
Animal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Mens Health, Mobile Service Massage, Womens Health

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