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Martin Knowles MRSS

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Martin Knowles is a Complimentary Therapist working in Caton Green near Lancaster

Contact NameMartin Knowles
Lancaster LA2 9JG
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  • Shiatsu
  • Seiki
  • Pelvic Correction
  • Cupping
  • Sotai
  • Tai Chi
  • On-site Shiatsu
  • Home-visits available

Now Available at the University!

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a Japanese word simply meaning "finger pressure", though in reality Shiatsu deals with a lot more than just pressing the acupressure points.

Hands, knees, elbows, and even feet are often used to apply touch, which can range from deep point pressure to a very light palming and even working with the hands completely off the body. Massage is also used in various amounts. Vigorous and light massage including rubbing, chopping, tapping and palming can be used and often incorporates joint mobilisation and stretches applied by the therapist.

These techniques are applied as a whole-body therapy, and may be carried out on a futon on the floor, on a special massage chair, or on a massage table. To receive Shiatsu you stay fully clothed, and you may be asked to stand, sit, or lie in various positions.

During a Shiatsu session Martin will typically use a wide range of techniques including some of those below. Each of these are available individually if you would prefer them to a full Shiatsu.

The mainstay of Martin's work. A whole body therapy using acupressure points and massage to bring balance back into the body and alleviate symptoms.

A gentle and free therapy allowing profound energetic changes to come from within. Further details under the Shiatsu tab.

Pelvic Correction
A series of correctional exercises that help to realign the pelvis and spine. If the pelvis is not true, then the legs, hips, spine, back, neck and shoulders may all be compromised and may be generating discomfort. Often prescribed as self-help exercises, or used with diagnosis to help understand and correct misalignment.

A method of drawing out excess from the body using low pressure vacuums, particularly good for damp conditions in the chest.

Using burning herbs to generate heat and stimulate the acupressure points when acupressure alone is insufficient.

Sotai is a way of correcting muscular aches, pains and energetic imbalances by using simple movements of the body. If a particular movement is painful or uncomfortable, then controlled movement in the opposite direction can allow muscular relaxation and energetic release greatly reducing the original discomfort.

On-site Shiatsu
Using a futon or massage chair, Martin can bring Shiatsu to your workplace. Similar to on-site massage but with the added benefits of a diagnostic system and tailored treatment. Sessions are usually 15 or 20 minutes long allowing you to receive treatment and be back at work with minimum inconvenience.

Waveform is not a method of treatment but a way of sensing and manipulating the body's energy within other therapies. Martin uses Waveform to carry out remote diagnosis and treatment, and as a way of treating the energy that wants to be changed rather than energy that a diagnosis says should be changed.

Makka-ho A very useful series of stretches that open up particular sets of meridians. These may be prescribed as individual exercises to help your energetic pattern, or the full series can be learned and can be used for self diagnosis and treatment.

Chi Kung
Rather like Tai Chi broken down into individual movements, Chi Kung is essentially a breathing exercise with movement. Designed to promote better posture, range of movement and increased energy, Chi Kung works by improving the flow of oxygen and blood around the body. This allows the Chi to flow more freely and can result in many health benefits for the body and mind.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is many things to many people, from a martial art, to a workout exercise. With more tan 20 years of Tai Chi study and insightful energy awareness, Martin can teach you Tai Chi or help you to make the most of your own practice. Concentrating on self healing Martin enables you to feel the Chi within yourself and correct your postures rather than trying to follow a one-method-fits-all approach.

Home visits
Home visits are available in the Lancaster, Morecambe, Halton, Caton, Hornby, Wray and Kirkby Lonsdale districts.

About Martin
Martin Knowles first started working with Shiatsu in 1990 as a useful addition to his Tai Chi studies. Finding that a deeper understanding of the meridian system benefited both his Tai Chi and his Shiatsu, Martin soon enrolled on an introductory Shiatsu course with the Farnborough Adult Education Service.
Martin describes his Shiatsu at this time as being "Heart-Shiatsu" an open and caring touch based almost solely on intuition, and very little theory.

The simplicity and spontaneity of this approach is very hard to teach and many therapists seek specialist training to try and capture its essence. Fortunately it is within us all and for Martin it has been a mainstay of his work.

Inspired by the response of his clients, and in an attempt to escape his career in IT, Martin decided to train professionally and in 1999 began a three year course of study with the European School of Shiatsu in London.

To gain experience during the course Martin volunteered as a therapist with the Complimentary Health Trust and worked with them for over 4 years. Here Martin honed is skills in Shiatsu and working with people with chronic diseases like cancer, lupus and HIV learned to be the sympathetic and approachable therapist that he is now. Martin is very grateful to the CHT for this valuable and unique experience.

Martin is married with three beautiful daughters and lives in Caton Green in northern Lancashire, where he enjoys raising his family and exploring the wonderful countryside around him. He has successfully escaped the rat-race cross training from running his own company as a Sybase Database Administrator in central London, to now being a professional Shiatsu therapist, and so far... he hasn't looked back !

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