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Anna Zimmerman

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Hypnotherapy, EFT, Coaching

Contact NameAnna Zimmerman
Central London SW2 1NA
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About Anna Zimmerman

Anna is a hypnotherapist, coach, EFT practitioner and workshop facilitator in the South London area.
She helps people make powerful and lasting change in their lives so they can experience their full potential.

Why See A Hypnotherapist

Whoever we are and whatever we want to achieve in life, our thoughts and feelings will determine our success and happiness.

Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but…..
… the time I was in my twenties, my life felt like a disaster.

Breakdown and depression in my family, poverty and failure, a debilitating chronic illness which left me unable to do a ‘proper’ job, abusive and dysfunctional relationships and emotional isolation had left me completely lacking in self-esteem and despairing of ever achieving my potential.

I was desperate to try and hide just how unhappy I was from the people around me. But it was only when I found the courage to talk to others, and to get help from a therapist and begin working on myself that things began to really improve.

And they have certainly improved! I can honestly say all those terrible times seem like they happened to another person.

I’m also extremely grateful for all the times in my life – yes, even those bad times……..because they taught me several valuable things:

Firstly, that we all need people to help us. None of us would expect to get through life without the services of countless numbers of specialists and experts. Why should it be any different with our most personal issues?

The second thing I learnt is that having worked through a lot of very negative experiences is the best possible grounding for helping others. It deepens your insight and brings clarity in how to help a person move, step by step, towards resolving problems.

However the most important thing I learnt is that there is absolutely no issue that cannot be solved or improved.

The only thing we need is the resolution that we are not prepared to accept a less than optimum life.

Our capacity to have a joyous, fulfilling and peaceful life is always in our own hands – and is definitely worth putting effort into!

How I work

I use tools such as hypnosis, guided visualisation and EFT to help people through a multitude of issues. My primary aim is to promote self-awareness and a sense of responsibility so that clients can feel empowered and ultimately become their own therapist. For that reason, I give 1.5 hrs sessions rather than the standard 1 hr because having that extra time to talk makes a world of difference.

What is EFT?

EFT can be described simply as acupuncture without needles. It works through targeting negative emotions about a situation or event, changing our perspective so that we can feel calm and detached about something, rather than hurt, angry, sad or anxious. I always encourage people to use the protocol themselves – it is very easy to learn and use - so they can become more self-sufficient. There is no limit to the problems that EFT can help.

What do I charge?

My standard rate is £60 for each 1.5 hrs session. However I am very happy to charge concessionary rates where financial difficulties are a factor, particularly if the work is likely to be more long term. Please do not feel shy to ask!

Did you know that the biggest single factor in determining your success rate when you see a therapist is whether you feel comfortable with them?

I offer free initial consultations for 30 mins so you can decide whether I am the right person for you.
So there really is no need to hold back.

Call me on 07980 212501 to book your initial chat.

Please follow my blog to read more about my therapy practice:


I completed my professional training at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and was also awarded certification by the US based HypnoBirthing Institute. I am accredited by the British Board of Medical Hypnosis and am an Associate Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I am also a registered practitioner with the National Health Service. More recently, I have trained as a life coach and an EFT practitioner and use the latter technique extensively with clients.

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