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Zero Balancing

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We are here to give you the advice and support you need, whether you are considering having a Zero Balancing session and wish to locate your nearest Zero Balancing practitioner, or you are thinking about studying Zero Balancing and looking to further your skills and knowledge.

Somerset BA11 1DB
Phone0845 603 6805

Zero Balancing can help us to stay healthy. By working with your body, Zero Balancing can help to relieve pain and reduce stress, leaving you feeling restored and relaxed. Zero Balancing is based on the understanding that energy exists as a force within our body, with its own anatomy, its own function and its own disorders. It recognizes the idea that as energy flows through our bodies, it does so in relationship with our body's structure, in particular our bones and skeleton. What sets Zero Balancing apart and makes it unique is that it focuses on this dynamic marriage between energy and structure in our body, very much as a sailor pays attention to how the wind engages a sail to ensure the boat moves forward smoothly and easily. Zero Balancing supports this inner relationship, enabling you to feel more attuned to your body and in so doing, more able to navigate life, no matter how stormy the waters.

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