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United Register of Herbal Practitioners

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The Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP) is a leading international register of professional herbal practitioners.

Cornwall TR1 2EG
Phone07770 782537
Fax01872 222300

The URHP strives to promote the use of herbal medicine and to offer the very best of care to the public. The register is actively involved in the ongoing process of regulating herbal practitioners.

What makes the URHP special?

URHP members utilise the modern, scientific understanding of herbs, as well as drawing on the vast knowledge of traditional herbal usage, used worldwide for thousands of years.

This means that, in undertaking treatment with a URHP Herbal Practitioner, you are getting the best of both worlds, ancient and modern, and thus the best possible treatment. It is this appreciation of old and new that makes the URHP unique as a register.

A URHP Herbal Practitioner may come from the Ayurvedic, the Western Traditional, Unani Tibb or the Traditional Chinese school of thought. While each has its differences, what binds them, and the URHP, together is the recognition of the energetics of herbal medicine. This understanding of energetics is based on recognition of the Vital Force within each living object, be it a person, or a herb. Traditional knowledge ascribes a temperature (warm, hot, cool or cold) and a taste (sweet, bitter, sour or salty), to each herb, as well as other details which may include which planet rules it, which meridian it enters or which direction it travels in. This subtle information allows the practitioner added precision and may enable a more effective treatment. It may also be applied to the patient, allowing a URHP Herbal Practitioner to determine an individual's constitution, and thus which mode of treatment will be most appropriate to them.

There are three main strands to our register, which are outlined below. It is stated in our register which strand each practitioner comes from (see Practitioner Search). Many of our members practice other therapeutic modalities alongside herbal medicine, including Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki and Nutrition, to name a few. Individual practitioners will be able to give you more details of exactly how they practice.

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