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UK Polarity Therapy Association

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The UKPTA is the only member organisation for Polarity Therapists in the UK.

Phone0700 7052748


All our members are qualified Practitioners and are fully insured. We also provide a Friends category of membership.

The UKPTA provides member support through providing postgraduate training, promotional material, business advice and representation at a national level.

The UKPTA also acts as a resource for the general public who are looking for qualified therapists, or are interested in training as a Polarity Therapist.

Membership of the UKPTA enables Practitioners to -
  • use the letters RPP and the UKPTA logo, to be recognised nationally and internationally as a professionally trained Practitioner;
  • benefit from being in the published UKPTA membership list available to the general public;
  • have your interests represented nationally by the only organisation representing Polarity Practitioners in the UK;
  • make use of publicity carried out on your behalf by the UKPTA and the resources and functions contained within the 'search engine optimised' UKPTA website, including -
    • personal web pages (no need to develop your own);
    • bespoke and personalised templates for business cards, leaflets, posters (again making considerable savings in artwork and printing);
    • the ability to publish your own Polarity resources such as articles, testimonials and case studies, to publicise your work.
  • benefit from, and participate in, the international development of the concept of Polarity;
  • access savings on practice insurance through Holistic Insurance Services, as a direct result of being a member of the UKPTA;
  • benefit from a unique process of self-directed supervision and peer support within the UKPTA, to help you develop your confidence and skills base as a Polarity Practitioner;
  • benefit from business support advice through the UKPTA.

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