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Fuelled by our passion to change the way we feel.
Believing in the endless power of the human body.
Realising the art of listening.

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Why train with us?

When Dr John was asked to do research by the Cranial Academy at Michigan State University it was to figure out whether or not there was any truth in the claims of the Cranial Osteopaths that there was movement at the sutures of cranial bones. It was this research, which did show that movement was possible, and that fed into his practice and brought him to the conclusion that the cranial bones were ‘slaves to the fascia’ rather than solely responsible for their own alignment.

The techniques he went on to develop were in response to this belief, driven by his huge amount of anatomical understanding. In addition he found that fascia does not take much pressure to respond, that intention and ‘right attitude’ are most important for a therapist (more important even, he felt, than ‘correct technique’). From all this came the tenets and approach of CranioSacral Therapy, distinct from Cranial Osteopathy.

He published the first book on CranioSacral Therapy in 1983 and four more text books, over the years, continued to share his innovative ideas. SomatoEmotional Release is the name he gave to part of the work but it is important to understand that this is not different from CST, but an addition to the work we can do when we are very grounded in what is happening in the clients’ tissues.

All our training has been developed by the Upledger Institute International, based in Florida. This is where Dr Upledger lived and worked; it was from people wanting to know and learn about what he was doing that the current structure and staging of classes developed. The courses have been tried and tested for many years. Adjustments are constantly being made and the breadth and depth of the curriculum continues to expand organically.

​The Upledger Institute has spent an extraordinary amount of time, effort and money on the development, promotion, education and sponsoring of CST worldwide. Dr John trained many people to teach this work, and the training of teachers continues, is rigorous and in depth. People all over the world have found something in this modality that keeps them training, bringing the courses to their country and being shared with professionals and healthcare practitioners from here to New Zealand and back again...!

So that’s some of the reasons why we think there is value in training with us.

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