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The Buteyko Breathing Association

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The Buteyko Breathing Association was formed in 1999 by the first group of UK health professionals trained to teach BBT.

AddressChipping Ongar
Essex CM5 9SU
Phone01277 366906

An organisation of teachers

It is a non profit making organisation of teachers specialising in the assessment and treatment of adults and children with breathing problems using the Buteyko breathing techniques (BBT).
The organisation started as a group of ten enthusiastic teachers. Over 150 health professionals have now been trained to teach BBT in the UK, and membership has grown steadily over the years. There are now BBA teachers around the world.

Teacher training

The Buteyko Breathing Association sets standards for the delivery of education and training, by awarding accredited status to suitable teacher training courses. Continuing professional development is available via study days, newsletters and discussion forums to ensure that our members remain at the forefront of the profession.

The aims of the Buteyko Breathing Association
  1. To promote public awareness, understanding and use of the BBT
  2. To provide mutual support for and assistance to members in their practice of BBT by the provision of newsletters, advice and guidance, information and courses.
  3. To regulate the practice of teachers through compulsory adherence to a Code of Conduct (alongside the professional's own regulatory body) so as to ensure public confidence in the Association and its registered practitioners.
  4. In the UK, to promote an encourage the use of BBT within the National Health Service with a view to ultimate acceptance as a part of the Service
  5. Internationally, to work closely alongside similar associations in other countries to encourage international co-operation in development and standardisation of practice.

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