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London and Counties Society of Physiologists - LCSP

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Founded in 1919, LCSP represents remedial massage and manipulative therapists across the country. Please use our therapist finder for your local qualified and fully insured practitioner.


About the L.C.S.P.

The London & Counties Society of Physiologists was founded in 1919 and is the oldest-established and largest organisation of private practitioners of remedial massage and manipulative therapy in the U.K. At the present time it represents practitioners and students of these therapies.

For very many years now the Society has published an annual Membership Register and also a Directory of Practitioner Members. This lists the names and addresses of therapists within the British Isles (and certain overseas Countries) who provide treatment by remedial massage, manipulative therapy, sports therapy and allied therapies. The Directory is available to Libraries, Citizens’ Advice Bureaus, Career Offices and the like, and to the press and media. A copy of the Directory will gladly be supplied free of charge to any member of the public on request.

During a survey of the Society’s practising remedial masseurs and manipulative therapists carried out some years ago it emerged that in one particular year our Members were consulted by nearly half a million patients who received over one million treatments. Although no similar survey has been carried out recently it may be confidently estimated that such figures would have risen significantly in the light of the rise in acceptance and popularity of CAM therapies and the increased activity of members engaged in these therapies in recent years.

The role of our members continues to change both quantitatively and qualitatively. Longevity has improved as a result of modern medical research and better standards of living. In consequence there is an increase in the incidence of degenerative diseases such as osteo-arthrosis and other disorders of the arthritic range. Enforced leisure caused by economic factors and enhanced leisure activity resulting from commercial and industrial development means a greater incidence of sports-related injuries.

The LCSP Register’s aim is to continue to meet the demand of ailing members of the public, particularly in the sphere of musculo-skeletal disorder and disease, by means of advanced and proven remedial massage and manipulative therapeutic methods. That aim encompasses the requirements of the ‘ideal therapeutic system’ as enunciated in a House of Lords debate some years ago by Lord Colwyn:
  1. Treatment should be effective.
  2. There should be very few, if any, side effects.
  3. The patient’s well-being should be enhanced.
  4. The quality of life should be ensured.
  5. Treatment should be reasonably inexpensive.
  6. Treatment should be readily available.
  7. The patient should have his trouble explained to him, and the methods being used to assuage it.

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