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International Association for Colour Breathing Practitioners

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Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique® – is a practical and vibrant, mindfulness based approach to self relaxation…

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We are a UK healthcare innovation company which has invested more than 17 years into the creation of CBRT and are passionate about helping people “learn how to help themselves relax naturally.” It is understood that being able to relax can benefit an individuals physical, emotional and mental well being. Colour is all around us and we become aware of and appreciate colour from a very early age. Colour Scientists and chemists have published evidence which demonstrates how the use of colour(s) may affect our moods and physiology.

CBRT™ – Colour Breathing® Relaxation Technique® – provides simple yet leading-edge innovation in mindfulness…

Colour Breathing is a very simple, yet effective, mindfulness based mind-body relaxation technique, which has been developed in the UK since 1997. An all-inclusive technique, CBRT is found suitable as an early intervention programme for all abilities and age groups, whether children, young people, adults or older people. Most important, is that users enjoy using Colour Breathing!

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