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Craniosacral Therapy Association

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The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK provides a professional foundation for the practice of craniosacral therapy.

Phone07000 784 735

About the Association

Members of the CSTA (registered as RCST) only practise craniosacral therapy after graduating from an accredited training school or college and are bound by the Association's Code of Ethics.

Much of the Association's work is focused on maintaining high standards of education and competency. Colleges report to the Trustees annually and are subject to three-yearly inspection to ensure that they continue to provide high quality training. Members have at least one year in supervision and undertake continuing professional development to enhance their practice.

As craniosacral therapy is becoming more well-known, an important focus for the Association is to increase understanding of craniosacral therapy among the public, media, government and health professionals.

The CSTA provides members with extensive support, including practitioner referral and information about post-graduate courses. The Association's journal, The Fulcrum keeps practitioners informed of latest developments and provides a dynamic forum for debate and new thinking.

As a well-established organisation with a highly skilled and committed membership we are looking forward to the future, pursuing our work at the forefront of craniosacral therapy to fulfil the widely-felt need for a more natural and profound approach to health.


As an Association, the CSTA is proud of its accreditation process. We see this as a way of maintaining standards in the profession and letting the public have a benchmark they can rely on for therapists they can trust in craniosacral therapy. The Accreditation Board encourages innovation and the sharing of good practice in the teaching of craniosacral courses.

The colleges the association accredits all receive site inspections and their procedures and teaching curricula are all assessed by the Accreditation Board, which has been set up by the Association and is answerable to the Trustees.

The Accreditation Board has as its members both practising craniosacral therapists and lay people with particular skills in education and training.

The Accreditation Guidelines have been extensively revised and are now approved by the training colleges and Trustees.

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