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British Register of Complementary Practitioners - MBRCP

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Established in 1989, this is one of the longest-running, multi-disciplinary registers of CAM practitioners in the UK

Phone0207 922 7980
Fax0207 922 7981

Member Benefits
  • Professional progression/career path to the status of Senior Practitioner
  • Excellent Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Listing of Members on the ICNM website
  • Opportunities for clinical and published research
  • Practitioners receive exemption from London Licensing/Registration fee
  • BRCP Badge
  • ICNM Journal
  • 33% off Yin Yang Skin Care and Therapeutic products
  • 7.5% discount fromInternet Workwear
  • Members may treat policy holders from the Patients’ Aid Association without a letter of referral from the patient’s doctor
  • BRCP Homeopathy and Reflexology practitioners may teat Simply Health policy holders

The ICNM/BRCP recognises four groups of qualification for people practising Complementary Medicine:

Practitioner - specialist complementary medical diagnosis and treatment to assist health issues.
Therapist – providing clinical assessment and services
Senior Practitioner - for teachers and those with higher levels of qualification and specialisation.
Student Membership – this allows students to join the ICNM-approved Insurance Scheme and upon successful completion of their course they can apply for full membership of the BRCP.

Service Categories

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