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British Homeopathic Association

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The BHA works to make homeopathy available for everyone through providing useful and factual information but also through supporting education and research.

AddressHanemann House
29 Park Street
Bedfordshire EC1R 0AA
Phone01582 408675
Fax01582 723032
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About Us

What we do

The British Homeopathic Association is a registered charity founded in 1902. The principal objects of the charity are to promote and develop the study and practice of homeopathy and to advance education and research in the theory and practice of homeopathy provided that the useful results of such research shall be published.

The British Homeopathic Association’s overall priority is to ensure that homeopathy is available to all by means of:
  1. Providing information about homeopathy
  2. Developing the evidence base for homeopathy
  3. Encouraging the education and training in homeopathy of healthcare professionals
  4. Ensuring patients have access to homeopathy
  5. Fundraising to support all of the above
We strongly believe that homeopathy should be fully integrated into the healthcare system and available as a treatment choice for everyone and have a long-established reputation for providing authoritative information.

The BHA works closely with the Faculty of Homeopathy, the professional body for doctors and other healthcare professionals who have additional training in homeopathy and incorporate it into their everyday practice.

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