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6 Ways to Improve your Attention Span
Do you often find yourself distracted when you have an important task to do? Whether it’s a work task, cleaning around the home, or whatever you have to get done, there are ways to cut down the distractions and improve your attention span. Follow t...

Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is the most commonly reported childhood behaviour disorder, and is characterised by poor attention span, impulsive behaviour, and hyperactivity in some children. It is most common in childhood but some sufferers carr...

The cerebellum is a vital structure within the brain but what exactly is the cerebellum, where is it located and what is it responsible for? Read on to find out more.

Cerebral Cortex
The cerebral cortex, known to most people as gray matter, is one of the most vital parts of the brain. But what exactly is the cerebral cortex, where is it located, and what is it responsible for?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Negative patterns of behaviour often require intervention because of the potential harm it may bring not just to the one concerned but also to the people around him.

The hippocampus is that part of your brain which is responsible for long-term memory and spatial navigation. It is located in the temporal lobe, behind your ear. You have two hippocampi, one on each side of the brain.

Improve Memory
Have you noticed how young children remember every promise you make while grandparents often sound like a broken record when they repeat the things they say? Experiencing memory gaps is a sign of old age as the brain cells responsible for storing inf...

Memory Function
A good memory is essential to performing daily activities. While most parts of the brain serve memory function, it is the hippocampus, located in your temporal lobe near your ear, which is essential to recalling information previously stored by your ...