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Zero Balancing


Zero Balancing is a hands on system of bodywork that is designed to align the energetic body with the physical structural body.  It focuses on the whole person while addressing specific concerns.

The Structural and Energy Bodies 

The structural body is the body you can see and touch – the bones, soft tissues, and organs.  The energy body is the movement that is both seen and unseen, such as muscular movements, the movement of tissue fluids, cellular and molecular vibrations, the movements within the body fields, and the movement of the life force itself.  The energy body directly affects and is largely responsible for the mood, emotions, and vitality.  When the structural and energy bodies are out of balance, you are more likely to succumb to emotional distress and disease, from the simple things like irritability and headache to more complicated symptoms and illnesses.  When balanced, any dysfunctional habits are released and you are able to function with comfort, efficiency, and ease, cope with things better, and enjoy better health in general.

The Zero Balancing Process

As previously stated, Zero Balancing is a hands on process.  It usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes and is done with the client being fully clothed.  You start off seated and then comfortably recline on your back.  In these two positions, the practitioner uses touch in order to assess your energy fields and energy flow, and balances your structure as is needed.  The practitioner may focus on the body, mind, spirit or all three, depending on where the energy is blocked or disturbed.  Particular attention is paid to the skeleton through the process as it holds the deepest and strongest energy currents.  Finger pressure and held stretches are used.

Every part of a Zero Balancing session is designed to promote deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.  It is enjoyable for both the practitioner and the client.

The number of sessions that you have and how often you have them depends on your reasons for using Zero Balancing.  A minimum of three sessions is recommended as each session builds on the last one.

Who Can Benefit from Zero Balancing?

Many people can benefit from Zero Balancing, whether they are under pressure or suffering from symptoms related to stress, to the person that simply wants to maintain their good health.  It is very helpful for dealing with stress itself and with the illness that are caused or made worse by stress.  It can also relieve physical pain, release held tension, and improve the overall working of the body.


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