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Why you should eat fermented foods

What do kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, and yoghurt have in common? They are all fermented foods that promote a healthy gut.
But what exactly are fermented foods and how do they work? Let’s look under the microscope…

What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods, also known as probiotics, are living microorganisms (yeast, bacteria, and fungi) that offer a whole host of health benefits.
Fermentation is a metabolic process that turns those microorganisms into lactic acids or alcohol (source). Known as lactofermentation, this process preserves food and releases enzymes that are essential for human health.

Here’s a quick list of popular fermented foods:

  •     Cultured yoghurt
  •     Kimchi
  •     Kombucha
  •     Sauerkraut
  •     Tempeh
  •     Aged cheese
  •     Miso
  •     Kefir
  •     Pickled vegetables
  •     Vinegar
  •     Soy sauce
  •     Vanilla

What are the health benefits of fermented foods?

According to many nutritionists, eating fermented foods should be top of your health priorities. Consider these top gut-loving reasons to chow down on fermented foods:

  •     Balance bacteria in your gut – lactic acid boosts the growth of healthy flora
  •     Aid absorption of food and nutrients
  •     Cheap and easy to buy and make
  •     Keeps food preserved for longer
  •     Boosts vitamin C and vitamin A levels in food
  •     Rids ‘toxins’ from the body
  •     Lower your intake of sugar
  •     Enhances immunity, reducing chronic inflammation
  •     Cuts cooking time
  •     Eliminates anti-nutrients (those that disrupt nutrient absorption)

Some studies also suggest that fermented foods might help prevent cancer. Check out this article from Choice for more information.
Keen to make your own fermented foods? It’s easy – and often requires just a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. Check out guides online or buy a kit to make kombucha and other fermented foods.
And be sure to chat with your naturopath, nutritionist, dietician, or other healthcare advisor if you’re unsure about trying fermented foods.

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