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Why Are Doctors Striking in the UK?

Junior doctors have been in dispute with Ministers in the UK, following the proposal of a new contract arrangement.

Why are doctors striking in the UK?

According to the government, the new contracts are crucial as current ones are old, outdated, and “unfair”, reports the BBC. Ministers also say new contracts are needed to provide more seven-day services across the country.
However, the British Medical Association junior doctors’ committee isn’t happy because they say the contracts involve pay cuts of up to 30 percent, and reduced premium rates. And while the government has suggested an 11 percent pay rise, this is against cuts to other payments and parts of the pay package.
As a result, junior doctors across England threatened a 24-hour strike. While it was called off, many operations were already delayed causing issues across many hospitals in the country.

Why was the strike suspended?

The group agreed to suspend the strike following an agreement to meet with the government to discuss the new contracts.
It’s unclear at this stage what the outcome will be of those talks. Obviously both sides will be looking to get the best outcome for their side of the disagreement.
If further strikes are planned, they will only be allowed to affect non-emergency services. Although that does include non-emergency operations, which could further impact patients and hospitals across England in future weeks or months.
The BBC has published a fantastic, in-depth article about this issue which you can read for broader context.
At this stage, alternative medicine practitioners haven’t been involved in the strikes.

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