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What mattress is best for back pain?

Living with back pain can be a total pain, especially as it limits our lifestyle in later life. And the mattress we sleep on can significantly help or hinder the health of our back and entire musculoskeletal system.
So how do you choose a mattress when you have back pain? It can take some time to find the correct mattress for you – and may require shelling out a few more dollars for that extra comfort – but your body will thank you for it.

Is a firm mattress best for back pain?

According to an article published by Harvard Health, a firm mattress isn’t necessarily best for back pain. That’s not to say it will further damage your back, but several studies have found that firm orthopedic mattresses may reduce sleep quality. Furthermore, there was essentially no difference in sleep quality or back pain when comparing medium and firm mattresses.

Is a soft mattress bad for back pain?

On the other end of the scale, soft mattresses aren’t ideal for people with sore backs. Why? Because as you sleep, you sink deeper into the mattress and risk twisting back joints.
Also, a soft mattress may compound poor posture and muscle strain during sleep.
So the lesson here is to find a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive – something that contours to your back without causing further pain and problems.

Shopping around for a mattress

It all comes down to buying a mattress that supports your body and back; there is no one perfect mattress for relieving back pain.
So how do you find your ideal mattress? Well, the obvious first step is to try out different mattresses at a bed store. Just remember that a few seconds or minutes lying on a new mattress isn’t a good enough guide to whether the mattress will help or hurt your back.
A more medium-term solution is to try out a mattress over several nights – perhaps at a hotel or a family member’s house, so you can get a greater idea of what mattress will provide much-needed support for your back.
Some stockists may also offer a free trial, so you can test out a mattress and return it if it isn’t right.
By taking time now to sort out your sleep, you can look forward to a healthier body well into the future. After all, we do spend a third of our lives in bed!

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