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What is Spiritual Growth?


This article was written by Caroline Nettle

Spiritual GrowthSpiritual growth is a very personal journey. We are spiritual beings in a human body from our first breath to our last. Each time we breathe in, we accept life and all she has to offer us. With each out breath, we release all that we no longer need.

As small children, we wonder at nature and the world around us, and we display an enormous sense of excitement about all things new. As we grow, this diminishes as we learn how we are expected to behave.

We continue to become what is expected of us, until such time that we truly do not know who we are. We are told what to wear, how to eat, what car to drive, where to live, what to think, which music to listen to, what to read- the list is endless. This continues throughout our lives as the newspapers, films, magazines, the TV, our peers, our politicians, the church, our schools and society all tell us who we are supposed to be.

For some, a day comes when this is no longer acceptable, and a deep knowing within us tells us that there has to be a different way. We begin to question what we hold to be true, and we being to search for different answers- in books, and on courses, and in spiritual practices.

Sometimes this quest can take a life time. For others, answers can be reached much sooner. What is important is that there is a knowing that there may be a different truth. The path that is followed can be arduous, and can sometimes mean that we leave behind that which was dear to us as former life styles become untenable.

Fundamental belief systems that we have accumulated along the way, suddenly no longer apply to our lives, and we discover new truths that others may not share. The journey also necessitates that we take an in-depth look at our story with great compassion and resolve outstanding issues that previously have been holding us back- again, this requires courage and determination.
They say that the longest journey is the 7" journey from your head to your heart.  Spiritual growth is all about learning to live more in the heart, and to learning to love and accept all of you, especially the parts that you despise.

Why do we undertake this difficult journey? What can we expect to achieve by doing all this hard work? Living in integrity means that you know who you are and what you believe in, and this allows you to cease to need the approval of others as you follow your own direction and become the best possible you.

My experience is that those that have chosen this path seem to laugh more often, they take themselves and what other people think of them a lot less seriously, live in integrity, speak from the heart and genuinely love and respect themselves, their fellow men, and the planet that we live on.

We only get one attempt at this short life time. Whether or not you believe in the afterlife, this is the only time you will ever be on the planet as you. I hope that if you are reading this it is because you have already started on your journey to peace, love and understanding of yourself and others. I hope that you are finding out how magnificent you truly are and enjoying your learning experience. Every one of us has innate talents that we can and should be sharing with the world. Commit to shining as brightly as you are able!

If you are ready to stop living a life of pain, depression, anger, fear, or anxiety, in a world that appears to be full of hate, war, and cruelty, Spiritual Growth Tools offers an antidote to life as we know it, and some tools that can assist you in your journey to a happier healthier you!


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