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What is myopractic?

When you have aches and pains, there are a number of treatments to try. But have you considered myopractic?
The bodywork therapy combines the skeleton and soft tissues in the body to restore balance, relieve pain, and achieve calm and relaxation.
Interestingly, myopractic is an Australian-born therapy, having been development by an osteopath and a chiropractor. The technique combines several therapies including chiropractic, osteopathy, Bowen Technique, and Chinese massage.

Myopractic and muscles

In myopractic, muscles move the skeleton. So if they’re not doing their job properly, the entire skeletal system is out of whack.
The therapy assumes that there is always a muscle responsible for issues with joints or bones. So if you feel pain or have an injury, your myopractic practitioner will work on the muscle first so that the skeleton can then realign itself correctly.

What can myopractic treat?

 Like chiropractic, there are oodles of ailments, injuries, and illnesses that myopractic can treat:
  •     Back pain and injuries
  •     Knee and ankle complaints
  •     Digestive disorders
  •     Sciatic pain
  •     Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  •     Migraines and headaches
  •     Frozen shoulder

What happens in a myopractic session?

Your myopractic practitioner will likely begin with an assessment to then draw up a treatment plan. He or she will look at your medical history and ask about any problems, injuries, or pain you have experienced.
During the treatment, you’ll be seated in a chair or lying on a table. Your therapist will focus on the trouble spots and assess how the body responds. After leaving the clinic, you’ll likely find that your muscles and soft tissues continue to soften and find relief.
You might need to return for a follow-up appointment, and get several treatments until your body is free from pain and back in alignment. Your therapist will discuss this treatment plan with you.

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