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What is energy healing?

Energy healing is all about vibrations. Through touch and distant touch, a healer aims to restore the natural healing process by manipulating, channeling and balancing the energy fields around the body. 

There are many energy healing practices, including:

  • Reiki What is energy healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Kinesiology

All forms of energy healing use non-invasive techniques that may complement traditional healthcare treatments and other alternative healing forms.

What are Energy Healing Products?

The different energy healing modalities use products that accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

Essential oils

Essential oils derive from, and carry the attractive scents of certain plants and flowers. They may be either applied directly to the skin or heated in an oil burner by an enery healer. The scent of the oil encourage feelings of spiritual awareness in the individual and relaxes their body while being treated.

Essential oils may also be used:

  • To clear the treatment room of any negative energy before the session begins
  • To create a space of mediation and healing
  • To bless the commencing energy work
  • To cleanse the surrounding energetic aura of the person being treated
  • To unify the seven centres of energy (charkas), which allows for the clearing of any blocked, negative energy.

Vibrational essences

Commonly referred to as Flower essences, these essences derive from the vital force of plants and other substances. They are liquid in form, preserved with alcohol and unlike aromatherapy oils, carry no scent or flavour.

They carry only on the vibrational energy of the source substance which may be from flowers, minerals, gems, animals, the environment and other light sources such as the sun, moon and stars.

Spiritual & Ear candles

In spiritual circles, a lit candle symbolizes the activation of light and fire in our lives. The vibration of the flame is said to enlighten the moment and to create life energy, which in turn assists the healing process.

Some candles may be blended with essential oils. This also offers an individual the beneficial vapors of aromatherapy that gently assist with feelings of peace and well being.

Crystals & other mineral specimens

Energy healers see crystals and stones as powerful tools in their practice. By using either on any of the seven chakras of the body, the healer can activate any healing energies required.

The positive energy of a crystals or stones may also be absorbed in the hand or through the pockets of a person. These energies may help a person by:

  • Amber --increasing bladder and kidney function.?
  • Amethyst – unblocking negative energy
  • Emerald – improving intellect and memory
  • Jade – attracting good fortune and loyal friends
  • Ruby – increasing circulation and energy levels
  • Sapphire – increasing feelings of self-esteem and contentment
  • Turquoise – protection against harmful negative energies.

Sound energy products

Many energy healers employ sound vibration techniques to soothe and energize. Some widely used sound energy products include:

  • Singing bowls – produce a healing affect via sounds produced in multiple octaves
  • Tuning Forks – that align the chakras by focusing on a single sound, allowing for a free flow of energy around the body.
  • Drums – of all different kinds that encourage feelings of peace and joy, and an experience of rhythm and inspiration.

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