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What Is Disco Yoga?

If you love to dance and downward dog, then disco yoga has your name written all over it (in huge neon lights).
The trademarked trend is taking the wellness world by storm – combining uplifting beats and powerful Vinyasa flow.  
Disco yoga started several years ago in Europe and the UK, and has since come to Australian shores – complete with in-class DJs and disco balls.
One venue in the UK describes it as, “Blissful, energising sequences to a glorious mix of disco classics will rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, reboot your body and take you to Boogie Wonderland.”

What happens in a disco yoga class?

The format depends on where you take the class. Some venues offer a 90-minute yoga practice, with cocktails and snacks to follow. Others pack in plenty of glitter (warning: you might sweat glitter!), turn up the tunes (anything from the Bee Gees to Daft Punk), and pass around glow sticks while you attempt to bend and stretch in time with the beats.

Should I try disco yoga?

Let’s just say disco yoga looks like a hoot for newbies, or people who find general yoga classes to be a little too…tame. Firmly aimed at millennials looking for their next Instagram shot, disco yoga shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
Consider it the perfect alternative to a night on the turps – or a fun way to let loose and have a laugh with friends.  
But if you’re craving some serenity and a mind-body connection, you might prefer a more traditional yoga class.

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