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What are Vibrational Essences?

Vibrational essences (commonly referred to as flower essences) use the vital force of plants and other substances to assist the body’s natural healing process. They are normally produced in a liquid form, sometimes in an ointment/crème form and are preserved with an alcohol-like substance such as brandy.

Vibrational essences are synthesized from the energy of many other substances other than flowers, which are the most renowned type. They may also come from:
  • The stems, roots, bulbs and buds of flowers.
  • Minerals/gems
  • Animals
  • The environment
  • Light sources, such as the stars and moon
  • Other healing energies, such as Reiki

What is the Difference Between Aromatherapy and Vibrational Essences?

Unlike the oils used in Aromatherapy, vibrational essences include only the vibrational properties of the substances that they derive from. They are also unscented and unflavoured unlike oils used in aromatherapy.

How Vibrational Essences Work

Vibrational essences create a shift in awareness within the individual by strengthening and balancing their subtle bodies. They focus on their surrounding energy bodies, as well as the individual cells and chakras of the physical body. When an essence is used, it sets up internally a vibration that corresponds to the healing being asked for. For example, the gem essence Rose Quartz may be used to assist someone searching for love to find a love of their higher self and the love that the universe has for them.

How to select the right Vibrational Essence for you bold

Whilst there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing a vibrational essence, there are certain essences that are may be more suited to your needs. It is recommended:
  • To use no more than 4-5 essences at any one time.
  • To make your choice after reading the labels and decide what makes good intellectual sense to you.
  • To use your intuition when choosing a vibrational essence, even if your choices do not make intellectual sense.

How to Use Vibrational Essences

Vibrational essences may be taken:
  • Straight from the bottle by mouth
  • Diluted in a preferred liquid
  • Topically applied by a compress or in the bath
  • Dispersed throughout the air in your home with a mister containing a dilution of the essences.
  • From a dropper bottle, which is especially useful when using more than one essence at a time
To create a personal dosage bottle, follow these instructions:
  1. Vary the essences according your intuition and the manufacturer’s guidance;
  2. Fill a 250mL bottle from the pharmacy or your remedy supplier with spring water and a teaspoon of alcohol such as Brandy;
  3. Add four drops of your selected remedies and make sure they are completely dispersed in the water;
  4. Keep the resulting mix close and take a dropperful as desired or instructed throughout the day.
To find out more about Vibrational essences, please speak to your local Health store professional or naturopath.

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