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Want to Stay Young? Cut Calories by 15%


Want to Stay Young? Cut Calories by 15%

A new study published in Cell Metabolism journal has revealed cutting calories by 15% for two years can slow down the ageing process.
The study found people who spent a year on a calorie-controlled diet witnessed a significant reduction in their metabolic rates, which continued into their second year on the diet.
After the two-year period, participants had a big reduction in oxidative stress. This has previously been linked with diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
“Reducing calorie intake provides health benefits to all people regardless of their current health status,” said lead author Leanne Redman.

How was the discovery made?

The research team (from Washington University, Tufts University and Pennington – all in the US) recruited men and women to take part in the study. Their ages ranged from 25 to 45 for women, and 25-50 for men.
While researchers were aiming for a 25% caloric reduction, the participants averaged a 15% reduction. Despite this, the results were still staggering.
On average, they lost around 9kg after the first year, which they maintained in the second year.
"The calorie-restrictive diet also caused a reduction in sleeping metabolic rate by about 10%,” Redman said.
When this happens, the body is better equipped to burn fuel and create energy. It also means fewer by-products are produced, which can damage cells and cause age-related diseases.

Controlling calories to ward off ageing

Wondering if you should cut calories by 15% to slow down ageing? It’s tempting. But, as always, changing your diet should always be done under the guidance of a health professional.
A dietitian or nutritionist can advise on ways to improve your diet for long-term health and wellness, without strict dieting.

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