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Flu Prevention – Top Tips


Prevent the misery of flu this winter with all natural methods.  Here are our top tips to keep you feeling healthy.

Good Hygiene is a Key Factor in Preventing the Flu

  • Wash your hands – washing your hands often will minimise the opportunity for germs to enter your body.
  • Don’t touch your face – because the flu virus enters the body through the nose, eyes, or mouth, not touching your face will reduce the risk of flu germs entering your body.

Drink Water and Eat Well to Reduce Your Risk of Flu

  • Drink plenty of water – drinking plenty of water will keep your mucous membranes well-hydrated and helps to flush germs and toxins out of your body.  Try and aim for six to eight glasses a day.
  • Eat healthily – a healthy diet is one of the best ways to avoid catching the flu.  Some of the best immune-boosting foods are foods containing phytochemicals such as fresh fruits and vegetables; garlic; green tea; and cayenne pepper.

Sleep Well and Reduce Stress to Prevent Flu

  • Get enough sleep – getting about eight hours of sleep a night will help your immune system to function better.  If you are fatigued, it is harder for the body to fight off infections.
  • Reduce stress – stress has a negative impact on your overall health and, over time, makes it much harder for the body to fight off infections.  Stress reduction methods such as meditation, aromatherapy and yoga are enjoyable, easy ways to reduce stress and thus make your body healthier.

Fresh Air and Exercise Helps You Prevent Flu

  • Get fresh air – getting out of the heating and into fresh air is important as the heating will dry you out and make you more susceptible to the flu virus.  More germs circulate indoors during the colder weather too so letting some fresh air in will help to dissipate them.
  • Exercise regularly – regular exercise helps the body pump larger quantities of blood, increases oxygen flow and helps you to sweat.  These are all ways to increase the body’s natural virus killing cells.

Why Not Smoking or Drinking Can Help You Avoid the Flu

  • Don’t smoke – smoke weakens the immune system and paralyses the cilia, the delicate hairs that line the nasal passages and the lungs that are responsible for removing flu viruses from the nasal passages.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption – heavy alcohol consumption damages the liver, the body’s main filtering system, meaning that germs stay in the body for longer.

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