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Top Tips for Beating Tiredness

Tiredness is what your body feels when it lacks energy due to excessive physical and emotional stress. While feeling tired at the end of a long day may be normal, constant tiredness or fatigue that prevents you from functioning regularly may be a symptom of a health problem which may require treatment.

tired womanPossible causes of tiredness

Tiredness may be a symptom of any of the following problems:
  • anaemia
  • sleep pattern disturbances
  • diabetes
  • muscular pain
  • vitamin or mineral deficiency
  • hypothyroidism
  • arthritis
  • depression
  • working for prolonged periods of time 
  • heart disease
  • digestion problems
  • hormonal imbalance
  • fever
  • poor immune system

Liver function testing

Chronic fatigue may also be the result of poor liver function. The liver is responsible for filtering substances in your body’s digestive system and eliminating toxins from your body. A problem in your liver’s detoxification process may result in an accumulation of toxins and is often the cause of low energy levels. Your naturopath may recommend that you take a liver test to see your Functional Liver Detoxification Profile. The results of this test will help your naturopath assess how your liver’s detox pathways are working and to determine the appropriate treatment for it.

Natural remedies for tiredness
Stress reduction techniques

A stressful lifestyle can deplete your energy levels and must be managed properly to avoid illness and disease. Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are some of the problems that may be triggered by stress. Maintaining a good work-life balance, relaxation exercises such as yoga, stretching and meditation, as well as massage therapy are some of the ways you can use to reduce stress and fight tiredness.


Regular physical activity of at least 15 minutes per day can increase your energy levels as it promotes the flow of oxygen in your body. Exercise also releases endorphins which are brain chemicals that promote relaxation.


You may also feel sluggish because of nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency. A naturopath may conduct tests using your tissue samples to determine any vitamin or mineral deficiency, as well as the level of toxic substances in your body. A combination of bowel detoxification and proper nutrition may boost energy levels and treat chronic fatigue. Consume a balanced diet that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals obtained from natural food sources. You should avoid deep fried and processed foods, food and drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine which affect your body’s energy levels and eat more fruits and vegetables instead. If anemia is the cause of your tiredness, try drinking a juice of carrots, beetroot, pomegranate and grapes, which help you fight fatigue.

Herbal remedies

A naturopath may recommend herbal treatments such as ginseng to treat your tiredness and strengthen your immune system. While herbal remedies are safe and natural, you should still consult a naturopath for advice on proper dosage and administration to prevent untoward side effects or complications.

Energy drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine have become popular as these boost energy levels instantly without providing any health benefits to the body. Energy bars and drinks cannot be viewed as long term solutions when your tiredness may be caused by an underlying health condition. A naturopath may help you discover the root of your problem and can recommend a natural remedy that provides safe and lasting results.

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