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Studying Reflexology

Reflexology is only growing in popularity and if you've ever wanted to know more about this fascinating therapy or translate a passion into a money earner, you will greatly benefit from studying reflexology. Here's some great info to get you started.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy that states that certain areas on the feet correspond to certain areas in the body. By manipulating certain parts of the feet, the energy blockage or congestion in the corresponding part of the body is released, promoting a freer flow of energy and improving the patient's health and overall wellbeing. Reflexology is also great for relieving stress and promoting relaxation.  Reflexology is a completely safe therapy.

What You Need to Know About Studying Reflexology

The study of reflexology means that you will learn about many things associated with the therapy. These include the theory of reflexology, anatomy and physiology, the location of reflexes and mapping of the feet, a basic understanding of the disease process, how to recognise health or ill health, a working knowledge of the structure and functions of the body, counselling skills, practise management and the code of ethics, and what conditions should not be treated by reflexology.  You will also learn about the history of reflexology, current theories in reflexology, how to perform the procedures and techniques used, gain a detailed knowledge of the charts used and also advanced techniques.

Reflexology can be studied at a reputable, qualified institution or it can be delivered through home study. Choose the option that best meets your needs - think about how long it will take to do the course, the time you have to do the course in, and the cost of the course. You should also check out what pre-requisites are required, if any. Of course, you should always undertake a course that will give you a recognised qualification such as a diploma and that will allow you to get the necessary insurance cover to the able to start practicing reflexology.

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