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Spiragenics – Meditation in Movement


Spiragenics is a holistic modality that aligns the movements of the body with a person’s consciousness using a spiral movement pathway.  It can actually be thought of as a form of meditation in movement.  The aim is to connect with the natural movement codes of the body so that a person is able to move in accordance with the natural mind/body alignment.  Many people in adulthood accept pain, stiffness and a lack of flexibility as being normal but this does not have to be the case.

What Is Spiragenics and How Does It Help?

In traditional movements, the movements are linear and they are repeated in the belief that more repetitions will create a fitter body.   However, by using spiragenics, it is possible to have exercise without the physical pain that is traditionally associated with the gym. 

In the body there is a spiral of energy, the core foundation from which every body movement naturally originates.  Many of the basic movements that are performed, such as sitting and standing, are actually learnt and they can disconnect us from our body’s own consciousness.

When connecting to the body’s natural spiral movement, which is found in every cell and muscle, we are actually connecting to the natural consciousness of the body and this in turns allows us to experience movement without any pain or strain, in harmony and true alignment.  Spiragenics taps into the higher consciousness of the body and mind and it is this true connection that then directs movements with ease and flow.  It becomes a meditative dance, rather than something that we are forcing our bodies to do.

Who Can Benefit From Spiragenics?

If you are a person that experiences pain or restricted flexibility in your body, spiragenics may be of help to you.  It is especially good for people that experience back or neck pain which is often exacerbated by movement.  It is simply about learning how to move in ways that follow the natural energy path of the body, a path that, like all higher forms of energy, moves in a spiral.  By following this spiral movement and not the more linear and disconnected movements that we are accustomed to, stress on the body is relieved.

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