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Shell Essences


Shell essences are a form of vibrational healing that are made by Nancy Parker and Leonie Hosey.  There are 40 different shell essences that can be used for a variety of disruptions in your energy body.  Read on to learn more about how to use shell essences.

What Are Shell Essences?

Shell on ocean shoreShell essences are a holistic form of energy medicine.  They are vibrational essences that use the life force energy found in nature in order to stimulate a healing response in the body’s subtle energy system.  Shell essences access a vibrational healing energy pattern found within the calcium shells of specific mollusks.  The information is released into water in the presence of sunlight.  When making the remedies, no shell is crushed and no creature is harmed.  Unlike flower essences, the same shell must always be reused to make the mother tincture.  Shell essences have been in use since 1991.

How Shell Essences Work

Shell essences are spiritual energies that give us the ability to self-heal, re-balance negative emotional states and create fulfilling lives.  They are taken as drops underneath the tongue and enter the body through the energy meridians.  The essences press the right “keys” to return specific information that may be lost or diminished in order to recreate health and happiness.  The cells can then use this information to stimulate the body in order to bring about a healing change.  Shell essences are particularly helpful for rebalancing the masculine and feminine energies within us all.  Shell essences address karmic and genetic issues that may go back through many generations and are also helpful for the negative effects of radiation.

Using Shell Essences

Shell ClusterIf you take the wrong essence by accident, do not despair.  The energy will simply dissipate from the aura because the healing provided by that particular essence is not required by the body.  As with any sort of medication, pregnant women should always consult their health practitioner for advice.  When properly prescribed and taken, shell essences are very safe – even for animals and small children.  To make it easier to give the essence to a small child, you can even mix the essence with juice, milk, or water, or apply it to the skin.  However, when taking the essence, you should always be careful to ensure that the dropper does not touch the mouth.

How Long Should I Take Shell Essences?

For a short term problem, one 25 ml bottle should usually be enough.  This should last for around one month.  For longer term problems, the essence may need to be taken two to three times a day for a few months.  If the problem runs through the family, a stock strength essence may be appropriate.  You can take up to five or six essences at the same time in the one blend.  Three separate specialist healers can be taken during the same period if they are addressing different issues.  It is possible to take shell essences with other medications but you should ask your doctor to monitor your medication as lower doses may be required.

Other Ways that Shell Essences can be used

As well as coming in a bottle to be taken orally, shell essences can be added to body and hair care products in order to cleanse the energy body of negative energy fields.  There are also mists that can be made.  These are sprayed into the aura in order to remove negative energies that impact upon the body’s energy system.  For example, the Harmony Mist removes negative energy from living or work areas.


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