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Self Healing


Most people are looking for ways that they can become both healthier and happier.  Sometimes they look outwards for ways to achieve this when one of the best ways to be healthy and happy is to heal yourself.  Read on to learn more about the power of self healing.

Self Limiting Beliefs and Decisions

To achieve self healing, you need to recognise the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  These are negative beliefs that you come to see as true, for example that you are not good enough for someone, or that you are not smart enough, or good looking enough.  These beliefs lead to self limiting decisions.  You opt not to apply for a job because you already believe that you will not get it.  That is just one example.

Many of these self limiting beliefs and decisions are ones that you are not even aware of.  They can be stored unconsciously, causing you to not be aware of why negative things or feelings are occurring.  They key to moving past this is by stopping your own self denial.  Most people do not like to be faced with what are often called “flaws”. Take these “flaws” and make use of them – see that they are not something to be hidden but something to be accepted.  Once you start to see where your shortcomings are, you can begin to formulate strategies to overcome them.

Heal Yourself by Forgiving Others

One aspect of self healing is to learn how to forgive others.  It may sound contradictory, but to be truly healed and whole within yourself, you need to not be able to hold grudges, or be angry at others.  Realise that other people have their own faults.  You do not need to take on their problems.  You are responsible primarily for yourself.  By all means, feel empathy and try to help other people where you can but do not lose sight of yourself and what you need.  People often overstretch themselves because they are constantly trying to please others, and subsequently feel guilty or like they have failed if they cannot keep up.  Take on only the tasks that you know that you are capable of.  Realise that it is okay to say no.

The Power of Looking Inwards

There are two main groups of people in the world – those that look outward and those that look inward.  People that look inward have been found to be more self-confident, better-educated, wealthier, and more readily able to give up addictions.  It stands to reason that these people are happier.  People that look outwards feel that their lives and their fate are in the hands of other people, the environment, or simply left up to chance. They are quick to blame other elements when something goes wrong.  Learning to look inwards – honestly expressing your feelings and loving yourself – can actually make you healthier.  People that look inwards and that are happy have a stronger immune system, making them less susceptible to disease and aging that someone that looks outwards and constantly lives with anger, fear, or worry.

An Exercise for Self Healing

One exercise that you can undertake to help you to heal yourself is to simply breathe.  Make yourself comfortable, and take some deep breaths from the abdomen.  With your eyes closed, relax your body starting with the toes and ending with the head.  As you are breathing, repeat a positive mantra to yourself such as “I am breathing in positive, healing energy, and expelling negative, harmful energy”.  Try and visualise a white, healing light entering your body as you breathe in, and black, negative energy leaving your body as you breathe out.  Let go of your negative emotions such as fear, hate, anger, worry, and guilt.  You can do this for ten minutes a day or as often as necessary.

Taking Responsibility

To heal the self, we have to take responsibility for the self.  Understand that cause and effect are inextricably intertwined.  If you want something to happen in your life, you have to make it happen.  Even though there are some aspects of life that are uncontrollable, there are also some things that we are always responsible for.  These are our attitudes, our choices, our actions, and the consequences that occur from the attitudes, choices, and actions that we take.  By taking responsibility for these, we are able to quiet the negative voice in your head – the voice that tells you that you cannot do something.  Stop making excuses. Rather, think more positively.


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