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Select and Store Your Vegetables

Selecting and storing vegetables correctly will give you optimum opportunity of increased nutritional vegetable value.

The following are some pointers on selecting vegetables:

  • Very often canned and frozen vegetables will supply a quality amount of nutrition.  Check the labels of the canned vegetables to make sure there is no added sugar and salt.  Frozen vegetables are snap frozen as soon as they are harvested;
  •  Buy in season;
  • Vegetables that are purchased in season will usually give you increased quality and the most economical buy;
  • Consider your storage space.  Only buy what will be can stored and used within the recommended time;
  • Make sure you handle the produce gently.  Bruised areas on the vegetables are most likely to spoil faster;
  • For increased nutritional value, choose high quality vegetables;
  • When buying canned vegetables, make sure the cans are not damaged.


The following are some pointers on storing vegetables:

In order to maintain food value, their flavour as well as their texture and colour, it is important to store them properly.

  • Most vegetables should be kept in a cold and humid environment;
  • In order to increase humidity, store vegetables in a plastic bag or in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator.  You can also do both;
  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes should not be kept in the refrigerator as cold temperatures will turn the starch into sugar affecting their flavour.  Rather they should be stored in a dark and dry space;
  • Remove any vegetables that have soft or bruised spots before storing;
  • If you want to wash vegetables before storing, make sure they are drained;
  • Frozen vegetables can be stored between 8-12 months;
  • Canned vegetables can be stored in a cool, dry place and used within one year.

Storing your greens

Storing your greens properly for green longevity is important.  Once you have purchased your weeks’ worth of greens, pick off any bad green leaves.  The greens can then be stored in the crisper in a green vegetable bag or just as it is in the crisper.  Each day, pick off the leaves you need for that meal.
Your greens should last for 3-5 days if placed in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator.

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