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Reasons Why a Healthy Breakfast Is Important


Reasons why a healthy breakfast is important

Breakfast is an important meal that refuels the body and the brain with energy and nutrients. A healthy breakfast is a great way to start the day.  It not only gives you energy to begin the day, breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control.
Studies show that eating a wholesome and healthy breakfast (as opposed to the kind containing high sugar foods and unhealthy fats) can help give you:
  • A more nutritionally complete diet, which contains a higher amount of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
Although a healthy breakfast is important for everyone, it is especially true for children and adolescents. Research has shown that children who eat breakfast perform better in the classroom and on the playground.  They tend to have a great level of concentration, and a greater ability to problem solve.

Breakfast Benefit: Weight Control

Studies of breakfast eaters have shown that breakfast eaters tend are more able to maintain a healthy weight than those breakfast skippers.
One theory suggests that eating a healthy breakfast can increase satiety and reduce hunger throughout the day.
Another theory behind the breakfast-weight control link implies that eating breakfast is part of a healthy lifestyle that includes making conscious healthy food choices.
These theories are based on the important fact that breakfasts are not only eaten, but are healthy and nutritious, rather than meals that are loaded with fat and calories.
Make Lean Protein Part of Your Breakfast
Adding protein, such as egg to your breakfast can help you get through to lunchtime without the sugar cravings.
Purdue University researcher Wayne Campbell, PhD says that ‘protein blunts your hunger the most, and is the most satiating.’

Choosing the Right Breakfast Foods

A healthy breakfast meal should contain a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and protein.
Some quick and healthy choices include:
  • An omelette filled with chopped vegetables and a piece of whole-wheat toast
  • A slice of toast cheese, a scrambled egg, and slice of tomato or lean ham
  • Smoothie made with fruit and yogurt
  • Salmon on 1/2 whole-grain bagel with cream cheese
  • Whole-grain cereal with fresh fruit and milk
  • Oatmeal made with milk, raisins and nuts, with a glass of orange juice
  • yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit
  • Yogurt smoothie and breakfast bar
  • Hard-boiled egg and a banana

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