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Rayid Meditation


Rayid meditation was founded in 1978 by lecturer, Denny Johnson, and it is a form of meditation that aims to reach beyond the traditional constraints of the personality so that a person is able to find their true self.

There are three purposes that work as one in Rayid meditation: to nurture the soul and the soul’s destiny, to prevent disease and suffering before it occurs, and to relieve symptoms before they present.

Find what you are looking For With Rayid Meditation

Almost everybody is looking for something in today’s busy world.  What they are looking for isn’t necessarily the same thing – some examples may include happiness, peace, passion, freedom, health or calm.  The aim of the Rayid meditation is to access specific energies so that the individual becomes more aware of the need for balance in their lives.  The energies that are accessed deliver the things that people are missing and they are built up within the body every time the energies are accessed and meditated upon.

As well as looking for the above things, many people are chronically deprived of rest.  By simply undertaking Rayid meditation for 20 minutes, you can gain as much rest as you would from hours worth of sleep.

Why There Can Be a Barrier to Meditation

Many people find that the barrier to meditation is being unable to quiet their minds.  This often results from people being accustomed to being busy, to having to multi-task and think about different things all at once.  As this becomes a daily pattern, it becomes harder and harder to stop the internal dialogue within the mind, thus causing the mind to become an obstacle on the path of finding inner peace.  Within Rayid meditation, the teaching is that instead of trying to shut the mind down, you increase the opposite energy – in this case, imagery – the mind will become balanced.

Using Imagery in Rayid Meditation

Imagery is actually a very powerful tool for calming the mind.  If you have a spare moment or some down time, try to imagine things rather than think about them.  The key to Rayid meditation is to build the positive within the mind.  The basic meditation uses a person’s imagination to create and internalise the feeling of nature symbols such as a full moon over a calm lake, or the image of trees. 

An Accessible Form of Meditation

The Rayid form of meditation is designed to be accessible.  Because it teaches both Yin and Yang meditations – the Yin meditations requiring stillness and calm, and the Yang meditations can be done sitting with eyes open – this form of meditation can be practiced any time, anywhere.  It is designed to be simple and you only need to find ten to twenty minutes a day to do it.

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