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Pre Exercise Food

Fuel up the right way before exercise.  What you eat before your workout may be the key to keeping up your energy levels.
The following is a guideline to which foods you should eat before your exercise routine, which ones you should avoid as well as when to eat them.

The best types of pre exercise food and when they should be eaten:

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

If your exercise routine starts in the morning, make sure you get up early enough (at least one hour) to have a healthy breakfast before your workout.  If you don’t eat a proper meal before your workout, you could end up feeling lethargic or even lightheaded during your exercise.
A good pre workout breakfast includes:
  • Whole meal toast with peanut butter and sliced banana with a pinch of cinnamon.  The cinnamon will help keep your blood sugar levels balanced;
  • Plain Yoghurt with flaxseed meal and berries;
  • Smoothie and a slice of toast with butter.  Adding protein powder to your smoothie will give you that extra bit of endurance.

The Size Matters

Eating too much or too little before your workout can affect how well you workout.  Eating too much before your workout will leave you feeling sluggish.  Eating too little might not give you the energy you need to keep you feeling powered during your workout.
The general guidelines to the size and timing of the meals are as follows:
  • Small snacks should be eaten about an hour before exercising;
  • Small meals should be eaten two to three hours before exercising;
  • Large meals should be eaten about three to four hours before exercising.

Snack Well

Most people can eat small snacks right before they exercise, but this is very individual and also what type of snack they have. They key is how you feel while you exercise once you have eaten that snack.
Good snack options include:
  •  Fruit smoothies;
  •  Peanut butter spread onto a banana;
  •  Peanut butter sandwich,
  •  Yoghurt.

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