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How to Create Positive Feelings


What are Positive Feelings?

Positive FeelingsPositive feelings are pleasant feelings that make you feel good mentally and physically. There are many positive feelings, but ones commonly experienced include:
  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Satisfaction
  • Compassion
  • Love
People who choose to think positive thoughts are often referred to as optimists. They don't run away from life's tough situations, but rather approach it in a far more productive, positive way.

Why Do You Need Positive Feelings?

Positive feelings motivate you to attain and achieve your dreams. They act as an inner guidance system, revealing what it is you are really thinking and want. They are the voice of your intuition, indicating you're on the right track with whatever you have chosen to do. Positive feelings also affect others around you: they make you more likable to others and improve your relationships, more often than not making the other person feel more positive too.

How Do Positive Feelings Affect your Wellbeing?

Recent scientific studies have shown positive thinking can directly benefit your health and well-being.
The daily, endless stream of self-talk inside your head is generally of a negative nature. These automatic thoughts often arise from misconceptions based on a lack of information. If you can learn to challenge these negative thoughts and make them positive, you will enjoy a host of mental and physical health benefits. Some of these may include:
  • Reduced overall stress levels
  • An increased lifespan
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills.
Studies have also shown that positive people generally follow a healthier lifestyle, diet, are more active, smoke fewer cigarettes and drink less alcohol.

How Can You Create Positive Feelings?

Looking to get more positive? Please read on:
  • When negative thoughts come up, politely tell them to go away. You may choose to give you thoughts a name like Ego, so when they come up say to yourself "Go away Ego, I have no time for you right now".
  • Upon waking, create your day. In as much detail as possible, see the day been carried out exactly as you would like it to happen.
  • Upon sleeping, mentally list the things from your day you are thankful for. Have at least five things, and of course there is no maximum.
  • Always re-affirm yourself that no matter what, you are doing the best you can with the information you have ta that moment, and that is enough.
  • During the day, think of happy memories and people you love.
  • When negative feelings towards another person creep up, such as anger or distrust, pause for moment, take a breath and mentally send that person unconditional love. You will be surprised how quickly their reaction turns around once you have killed it with kindness.
  • Distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts with a good book, happy music, inspiring quotes, a comedy show or anything else that may make you laugh.
  • Stay away from negative people or if you have to spend time with them, detach yourself from their negative headspace and think happy thoughts.
  • Consider meditation, which will help your mind slow down enough to filter the negative feelings and thoughts that may enter your mind.
  • Avoid watching the news, which is often deeply negative. This is especially true late at night when you take the negative events of the day into your dream state.
  • And lastly, understand and remember that EVERYTHING is about your attitude. As they say, it is no co-incidence that happy people lead happy lives!

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