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One in 10 adults will soon have diabetes


One in 10 adults will soon have diabetes

A tenth of the world’s adults will have diabetes by 2035, warns Public Health England.

That’s five million people being diagnosed with diabetes in the UK alone. It’s a frightening forecast, and points to an ‘obesity epidemic’ that is having a devastating impact on global health – and putting authorities such as the NHS under enormous pressure.

According to a BBC report, “A separate analysis says the cost of treating the UK's ‘diabetes epidemic’ could soar to 17% of the NHS budget. Experts are warning the burden of treating diabetes, especially new cases of type 2, could bankrupt the NHS.”

The Public Health England statistics include people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. While type 1 is an auto-immune disease, making up around 10% of diabetes cases, it’s type 2 that’s the most problematic. Why? Because 90% of diabetes diagnoses are type 2, which is linked with overweight and obesity.

Chris Askew, CEO of Diabetes UK commented, “As things stand we are certainly looking at a crisis in diabetes which threatens to bankrupt the NHS if we continue with
these current trends.

"I believe we're facing a crisis and we really need concerted action right across society for us to fund more research, provide best possible care and crucially prevent so many cases of type 2 in the future."

So what can be done?

Policy and programmes are one way this staggering statistic could be turned around. And that includes health and education programmes.

Seeing an accredited dietician can also help reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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