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Look After Your Liver


Liver Conditions

Ideally, the liver is able to cleanse itself by passing toxins into the intestine for proper excretion. However, factors such as your genes, viruses and toxic chemicals may cause liver problems that may or may not go away on their own. Liver problems that are caused by viral infections include Hepatitis A, B and C. Other liver diseases that are linked to toxins include cirrhosis, jaundice and liver cancer. Chronic liver problems may lead to liver failure which is a life threatening condition.

Taking Care of Your Liver Naturally

You can prevent liver damage or liver failure by looking after your liver. This involves a combination of a healthy and balanced diet, regular liver detox, and some lifestyle modifications.

A liver-friendly diet is plant-based with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty food as excessive amounts of fat may overwork and clog your liver. Reduce your consumption of alcohol, sugary foods, as well as caffeinated and carbonated drinks. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of purified water daily to help flush out toxins and aid digestion. By maintaining a healthy diet, you also prevent obesity, which may lead to a condition known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Elimination of toxins
Stop smoking and avoid taking prescription and recreational drugs. Choose natural remedies such as herbal and vitamin supplementation or natural therapies that do not entail the use of medicine to treat most ailments. Replace everyday products that contain chemical ingredients with natural substitutes to keep your home free from toxins. If you must use products containing toxic ingredients, avoid direct skin contact and use them only in a well ventilated place. Give your liver a rest occasionally by adopting a liver detox programme. Going on a juice fast for a day is one way of giving your liver a break from digestion. Freshly extracted juice from fruits and vegetables is best as it contains more enzymes that help flush out toxins from your liver. A good home remedy is to extract the juice from spinach and drink this at various times of the day.

Lifestyle changes
Get professional help to stop illicit drug use. Do not share needles, avoid multiple partners and practise safe sex at all times. Avoid contamination with the Hepatitis virus by not sharing personal items and eating utensils with others. If you must take medication, use them only as directed. Do not mix medications with alcohol and inform your doctor of all other supplements and medicines that you may be taking at the same time.

Looking after your liver may entail following many precautions and changing your way of life. The key to liver health is to incorporate these changes gradually and make them part of your lifestyle plan.

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