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LED Light Therapy


The body is made up of cells that are generally capable of healing and reproducing on their own using naturally occurring cellular energy known as adenosine triphospate or ATP. When the skin is damaged, ATP stimulates cell regeneration to heal and restore the injured area.

Factors such as poor nutrition, a person's age, and the general condition of the skin determine how slow or how fast cells may heal. Scientific studies also found that light can stimulate the production of ATP for better cell renewal otherwise known as photo rejuvenation. Skin care specialists take advantage of the therapeutic effects of light by using LED (for Light Emitting Diode Technology) to heal skin conditions during a light therapy session.

Not just any light ray may be used to stimulate skin cells. There are harmful rays that can burn the skin or cause skin cancer. LED is ideal for light therapy because it emits a low level power that does not irritate or burn the skin. Photo rejuvenation devices may use visible red light, invisible infrared light or blue light. Visible red light can only penetrate a shallow portion of the skin.

This is effective for healing surface wounds and treating other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, fine lines and sun spots. On the other hand, infrared light has a deeper penetration of up to 30-40 mm and is ideal for relieving pain in bones, joints and repairing muscle tissue. Blue light is often used to kill bacteria that cause acne, tooth decay and other infections.

Benefits of LED light therapy

LED light therapy is the method of choice for most skin care patients because of the following advantages:

  • Non invasive procedure. The treatment involves application of light at various surfaces of the skin where it is needed. This means no downtime for recovery and you may resume your normal chores after each session. There is also no scarring associated with LED light therapy.
  • Painless sessions. Unlike other surface treatments involving dermabrasion and laser light, the procedure is comfortable and relaxing.
  • Diminished dark spots, lines and wrinkles. The light rays emitted by the LED lamp stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which fill in lines and wrinkles, giving your face a smooth appearance. As skin is renewed, old skin with dark spots will give way to new spotless skin.
  • Improved lymphatic system and circulation. Light energy not only stimulates ATP but also blood vessels underneath the skin giving your face a healthy rosy glow.
  • No known side effects. LED light therapy is a safe, painless procedure with no side effects.


A trained skin care specialist may start a session with a microdermabrasion procedure to remove dead skin cells for more effective light penetration.  Specific lights are then beamed at areas to be treated for a few minutes.

Depending on ones age, skin tone, diet, and lifestyle, results may be observed immediately or after a series of sessions held one week apart. Some may need 6 to 8 sessions to see dramatic results on their skin. In between sessions, the specialist may prescribe topical skin treatments or a skin care regimen to complement and boost the effects of the LED light therapy sessions. Maintenance treatment may also follow at least once or twice a month.


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