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What Is Kabbalah?


Kabbalah has hit the mainstream thanks to celebrities such as Madonna.  But what exactly is it?  Read on to learn more.

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is often misunderstood, sometimes because of how it is portrayed in the media.  It is not a religion, a form of mysticism, or magic. It does not use holy water, red strings, or amulets.  In fact, Kabbalah is a scientific tool for studying the spiritual world.  Kabbalah is not like traditional religions.  There is no “God” per se, or at least no god with an image.  Rather than referring to an anthropomorphised god, Kabbalah refers to an infinite, omniscient, eternal being and non-being.  This being is called the Creator, and it is a supreme force from which all the other forces in the world descend from.  Some forces such as electricity, gravity etc we are familiar with but there are others that remain hidden.

What Does Kabbalah Teach?

The universe operates according to certain all-powerful principles.  By understanding and acting in line with these, our lives will be vastly improved and ultimately we will gain true fulfillment.  The spiritual laws of the universe influence our lives all the time and Kabbalah allows us to both understand and live in harmony with these laws.

Kabbalah specifically explains how the spiritual and physical realities are interwoven and it also gives you the methods that you need in order to achieve goals within that reality.  You get the tools that you need to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and to bring the light of the Creator into your life.

There is nothing abstract in Kabbalah’s teachings.  It teaches the way that we are created and how we function at higher levels of existence.

Bnei Baruch

Bnei Baruch is a Kabbalah Education and Research Institute that was established in 1991.  Its purpose is to study, teach, and disseminate authentic Kabbalah.  To achieve this, it maintains a website, publishes books and papers, and produces radio and TV programs.

Who Can Practice Kabbalah?

Kabbalah can be practiced by anyone.  Kabbalah used to be hidden as followers feared that it could be misunderstood or misused.  However, Kabbalists now believe that our generation is ready to understand the truth about Kabbalah and to clear up past misconceptions.


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