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Interesting Facts About Hypnosis


It is safe to say that hypnosis has a hazy reputation.

  • Hypnosis involves a state in which the person under hypnosis is more likely to listen to suggestions by the person performing hypnosis.
  • Scientists have performed studies that confirm some individuals to have a higher hypnotic suggestibility, and that it is these people are also likely to get a lot more out of hypnosis than those who are not.1
  • Everyone can be hypnotized, to some extent or another.
  • To stop smoking you may only need to go to a hypnotist once.
  • Hypnosis can help you change your attitude. You can learn to love broccoli and hate chocolate.
  • Hypnosis is a practice used with willing patients to help them with changing bad behaviours or dealing with unpleasant memories. Millions of people don’t get regular dental care because they are fearful; hypnosis can quickly take away that fear.
  • Stage hypnotists are entertainers and not necessarily therapists; be careful.
  • Hypnotherapy seeks to create unconscious change in the patient, by putting them in a state that is highly suggestible.
  • The word hypnosis has the root hypnosis which is a word for sleep in the original Greek, this term was likely coined due to the focused and relaxed state of a person undergoing hypnosis.
  • Telephone hypnosis sessions are just as effective as office sessions for most issues.
  •  Although hypnotherapy is considered a legitimate practice by many, there are some who still do not trust this practice, and some consider it more of a new age alternative treatment.
  • Hypnotism is also often used to retrieve supposed repressed memories.
  • Hypnosis is said to have been used in the early 1800s as a form of anaesthesia, known as hypno-anaesthesia. However, hypnosis goes way farther back even than that. Cases of cultures using hypnosis have been found as far back as 3000 years ago, where it was practiced by the Ancient Egyptians as well as the Ancient Greeks in some form.

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