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Importance of Seeing a Professional


Your body can become less efficient as it gets older. Skin loses elasticity, the heart gets weaker, the kidneys filter improperly and hormone levels drop gradually. These bodily changes may not only affect your physical appearance but also your ability to fight disease and other health problems.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, you may still need some supplementation for other nutrients that you may be unable to obtain from the food you eat. Your diet may not have sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals that are appropriate for your needs. While you may purchase supplements in health stores without need for a prescription, it is still best for you to consult a health professional before using these supplements.

Benefits of seeing a professional

You need not be sick or be suffering from an illness to see a health professional. The following are some of the advantages of seeing one:

1. Development of a personal health plan

Your health professional is expected to recommend that you undergo a comprehensive examination to establish a profile of each of your body's systems. Aside from subjecting you to a physical examination, a health professional may ask you to undergo a series of laboratory tests to determine the current condition of your liver, kidneys, blood sugar level, immune system, hormone levels and other vital organs.

The tests may reflect nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that you may not be aware of and which may pose potential health risks to you.

After getting a clear picture of your health profile, a health professional may now devise a plan to correct those deficiencies. An effective health plan may consist of dietary changes, an exercise routine, some lifestyle adjustments and a supplementation program.

2. Advice on proper supplementation

No two people are exactly alike. Supplements that work for others may not always be effective for you. Health supplements also cause certain reactions inside your body. Without proper advice, you may be taking the wrong supplements for a specific condition that you wish to remedy. Worse, the supplements that you intend to take may aggravate other health conditions that you are not aware of or may not go well with your other medications.

For example, grapeseed extract has blood thinning qualities that may enhance other drugs that you may be taking for blood thinning. If you are under a hormone replacement therapy, it may not be advisable for you to take herbal supplements that are also known to be phytoestrogens. In some instances, feeding your body with the wrong supplements may actually be dangerous to your health.

3. Keep you informed

Your health professional is in the best position to observe changes or improvements as a result of your health plan. As your body changes, some adjustments may also have to be made in your health plan to be responsive to your body's needs. While you may feel some of these bodily changes, only a health professional can tell you with certainty how your body is doing and what it needs to stay healthy.


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