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How much fish should I eat a week?

Fish is a very important part of a healthy and balanced diet.  Fish and other seafood are the major contributors of omega 3 fatty acids.  Fish is also rich in selenium, protein, iron and vitamin D.
Studies have shown that consuming fish is heart healthy.  A study involving participants shows that eating fish one to two times a week reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 36 percent.

Heart Disease

There are many ways in which consuming fish fights heart disease:

  •     The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish protect the heart against the development of cardiac rhythm disturbances.
  •     The omega 3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure, improve vessel function;
  •     The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish are anti inflammatory.

How much fish should I eat per week?

The current recommendation is to eat 2 servings of fish per week.  Unfortunately, not everyone heeds that advice.

Benefits and risks of eating of eating fish:

Benefits:  Harvard School of Public Health professors Dariush Mozaffarian and Eric Rimm concluded that eating around 2 one or two servings of fatty fish a week, reduces the chances of dying from heart disease by more than one-third.  Other studies have also confirmed that the omega-3 fats in fish are important for the optimal development of a baby’s brain and nervous system.

Benefits: Studies show that eating fish once or twice a week may also reduce the risk of stroke, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other chronic conditions.

Possible risks: There are numerous pollutants make their way into the foods we eat and fish are no exception. In fish the contaminants of most concern today are mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, and pesticide residues. Very high levels of mercury are harmful to the human body and especially for the nervous system.  By eating 2 servings of fish per week, the mercury level will remain at a safe level of consumption.

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